Friday 5 August 2022

5 Advantages of Sea Freight Shipping


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Shipping containers and how they let you carry products across the ocean are crucial to sea freight. For carrying large cargo, the phrase "sea freight" is frequently used. Making the transit fluid aids in the transportation of laden containers with appropriate safety precautions in place.

There is no doubt that alternative modes of transportation exist. But did you know that? Sea freight is the most often utilized mode of freight transport, followed by road, rail, and air. To put the ocean first, the majority of heavy cargo lifting is done through containerization and transportation across seas. In UAE Aeron Shipping provides the best sea freight services in Dubai.

The Advantages of Sea Freight Shipping


1.       Greater shipment capacity

Shipping a large consignment of goods by water is the greatest approach to ensure that they arrive safely. This is due to the fact that alternative delivery methods are only suitable for lightweight items. They are unable to accommodate larger shipments. This means that these sorts of shipments are more expensive than if we employed our efficient freight forwarding service!


2.     Lower prices

When compared to other possibilities, ocean freight is a significantly cheaper option, costing only US$0.50 per kilogram. Air freight prices might range from $4 to $6 per kilogram. Whereas express air transportation costs between $60 and $80 for every 10 pounds delivered. This makes ocean freight the better option.


3.     Fewer constraints

Shipping by air freight might be difficult. For example, you cannot transport combustible items such as fragrances or biological drugs. It is subject to limitations (who would want to mount up more, right). These are connected to the items being shipped and their weight categories, which vary greatly depending on where they're going, and so on. Shipping through sea freight, on the other hand, is the simplest and least restricted method of transporting products!


4.    Low carbon footprint

Sea freight emits less pollutants than air freight. Furthermore, the International Maritime Organization has recently issued new standards that will further cut maritime freight emissions!


5.     Charges for sea freight

We understand your concerns regarding the prices. So we decided to show you how the charges are computed in real time. We will assist you in understanding what you must have in place before signing up for marine freight!

Here is a list of the inclusive costs in ocean freight:

·       Surcharges for customs security (AMS, ISF)

·       Container Transfer Station (These fees are only applicable to LCL.) They are consolidation fees!)

·       Terminal Service Fees (charges by the port authority)

·       Customs clearance

·       Delivery and pickup

·       Insurance

·       Charges for extras (fuel surcharges, handling hazardous materials, storage, etc)

·       Fees for routing


Effective sea freight management is critical for businesses for a variety of reasons. Best International movers in Abu Dhabi ensures that items are transported in the most cost-effective, safe, efficient, and timely way. This will undoubtedly result in more delighted customers and cost savings for businesses. Aeron Shipping is one of the leading freightforwarding companies in Dubai, because to its expertise in logistic services.

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