Wednesday 24 February 2016

What is Accelerated Mobile Page or the short name AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page 

Google has been announced a new feature to enhance mobile speed technique. You may have heard the name AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page lately. But you may not know what the benefit of AMP is. We all know that it is something new for web master tool to encourage our website on mobile.

Yes, Accelerated Mobile Page is an html page that prepared for making fast loading your mobile. Accelerated Mobile Page enhances your mobile rendering speed when we open websites. Google, twitter and other bunch of companies rolled out this feature and it controlling with web master tools. It is an open source file uploading on your web server and checking with web master tools to know your website speed on your mobile. Such as created to increase your website rank better on search engines. So you can find the page Accelerated Mobile Page under search appearance on search console.

Accelerated Mobile Page is the new initiative feature that is an open source file, which is simple and using it without any risk on search console. 

How it works

First you should check web master tools whether the AMP file added or not. You can check it with search console / web master tools. The image has given below mentions that how to use AMP. Open your web master tools and check the button Accelerated Mobile Page under the search appearance.

You can see this page and asking you to get started with AMP. So you can press the blue button to start your session and then you can see Google guideline page that describes how to start your AMP without any risk.

You can read it briefly that how to use your AMP html and how to check your mobile speed with search console.see the code below.

Check your search console and use your website url that how it mentioning on the guidelines.AMP is the subset html file of website. It supports all html files to calculating all content characteristic performance. The main thing is no special specifications needed for AMP html file, it is like a subordinate of army. So  it doesn't use any special configurations for uploading on web server.

Use your web master tools to adding new and initiative Accelerated Mobile Pages to get your mobile speed for instant articles of search engine players like face book, twitter etc. So you will get fast loading web speed on your mobile. 

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

How to increase twitter followers

Increase your twitter followers with some awesome tips

Twitter is a social media like face book or G+, which provides the best opportunity to increase your business with making followers. When someone follows you on twitter there is a 50% chance to make deep relations with you. So you make sure that what would you share to your twitter followers?

Follower is the Asset of you business

How can manage your followers with sharing awesome stuffs?

Always be with them and share good stuffs and make sure how to engage with your followers, because they are not only your followers but also they have option to take action is it positive or negative. So be careful while sharing your stuffs with your followers. Followers can help you to increase your business by direct business or reference. Even a single follower can increase your business high with their relationship.

Most of the peoples are using twitter to sharing important matters on short notes while they are in busy but they can do it with little bit of time.

How to grow your business with twitter

How to increase your business followers who are busy with other many business. Here are some tips to increase your followers while they are engaged with other business.

Make your profile with attractive banner and cover photos

Always you think about that “the first impression is the best impression”. If you are OK with these steps then you can go ahead with your awesome stuffs that will carry you while you are sitting anywhere. Because peoples are always looking the best profile, so the first step should be perfect.

Add a Follow button on your website

This is one of the best tactics to increase your followers that can drive awareness for your twitter account if you are in busy with other issues.

Promote @username at everywhere to get more visits

You don’t just expect people to find you on twitter but it is also an advertisement to reach your audience.  You can do such things by on-line and offline like putting visiting cards or brochures etc..

Use hash tags to promote your business

Hash tag is the best option to reach your audience. Use hash tags while you tweet your stuffs on twitter.

Increase your followers with ads

You have a option to increase your followers with little expense. Ads solution is the best option that increase your target followers, you can expense little bit of cost for ads.

Engage with your followers

When you started you community once it flourished with your followers then you must do care them with awesome stuffs and engage with them with interest topics while your posts. Otherwise they might leave from your follower list.

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Monday 15 February 2016

Make your website with creative artist

Make your website more creative and professional

We all know that many of us are doing web design service somebody is doing only graphics and others are both graphics and html designing. But we make sure about who is the best designer.
Perhaps if you learning about web designing then you can do it. But I will not agree with your service. Because you learned it for your job otherwise you are unemployed. Am I right?

Who is web designer?

web design company Kerala
A web designer is an artist who pictures the world with his creative mind. An artist can make a beautiful world than any other professionals. This is an extraordinary fact, which always is passionate.

The design comes from an aesthetic mind that blowing with different colors and getting an output that comes from the artist.  Those artists make your awesome websites.

Nowadays many of us making websites for our clients or somebody doing as freelance web designers. But you make sure how much you dedicated his work and check his old works is that good or bad.

A web designer, who portrays designs with his ability and skills. It considered an art. Designers should think about how to complete their work without tension but an artist will think about how to make it more creative. Both are standing up on different stages. 

Is Web design considered an Art?

Yes, web design is considered an art, which promotes your skills and ability and overcomes your waste of time. According to Wikipedia, it is the discipline and processing production and maintenance websites.

Web design service is not just a business but also it is a relationship. These services should have quality and also care about timely delivery. Otherwise, we may fall in bad impression on customer mind. That’s why we may have a negative impact on the reference of customers.

A designer should think about his skills and make something special for your customers. then you get more customers than any other company.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

How Google Analytic works

Google analytic provides better search results

Google is a big plat form that means it is a multinational organization, which has been developed by the two graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry page. They had met at Stanford University in 1996. They had been worked with a research projects and eventually derived an awesome results that was the gift the name is Google Search Engine. Google is the best search engine in the World.  So we can get all information from Google search engine. 

Google Analytic

Google provides an ultimate tool to search our website status on Internet. This is known as Google analytic. It shows how to works websites and how to increase your website reputation on Google. Google has become the final word for users. Because most of the peoples are concerning Google Search Engine.  We can check how Google has checking our website.

Google has four main components to analyse system. That giving better results to the audience. That is “ data collection, configuration, data processing and reporting. 

Data collection – Data collection is the component for using Google analytic to collect data from websites and mobile apps etc. Such type of data collection search with specific Java script codes that put on websites. Google analytic can handle websites with the help of such type of Java codes.

For mobiles you need to add an extra code to each activity you want to analyse that will track with code. But the thing is mobile is always not connected with Internet. So collection data will not always be sent to the data collection store at the real time. But Google have an option to store the results with a specific device. Google can store this as “hits” and send results when connected with internet.

Processing – Once Google server saved your hits as per your changes then it will move to the next step data processing. This step is known as transformation.

Configuration – Google Analytic can applies your configurations as per your needs, it proceeding by some specific features that filtered your data base as per new settings. Once the data has processed then it will be running with that you inserted and it can’t be changed after.

Reporting – After the steps you read before then Google Analytic access your website data and  will move to analyse your website with crawling reports.

Google Analytic is the ultimate option to checking your website regularly. it provides the proper results than any other tools. So make your website creative and professional. it enhances your website visitors.

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Thursday 4 February 2016

How social media can impact business

Grow your business with some simple steps

Digital marketing service kerala

Social Media is a simply utilizing media that promotes your business through social media activities on Internet. Different types of social Media are available on Internet, such as face book, twitter, Linked-in, G+ etc. We are almost using such type of Media to interact with friends, relatives and customers. It provides to create message and promoting websites, brand identity, logo promotions etc.. Social media is a simply effort to create relationships with potential customers and getting higher level of business with existing customers. Nowadays most of us are using social media channels to increase business and these social media activities gives traffic. So getting Google rank with such type of social media promotions.

All SEO practices based on with social media activities that give better page rank for website and getting more business through social media. So we propose to conduct effective social media activities to get higher level of business on Internet.

Social media promotion increase your market level that refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. It encourage readers to share and it will carry them to our websites. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Hence, this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media

Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions.

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Different types of Social media

Article – article is the one, which linking to the informational blog or website is probably connecting to your website through social media. Which is the most efficient and affordable way of marketing.
You should provide a link to your blog once every 5 to 6 posts you make in social media. Articles giving good reputation and increasing your target followers by connecting your website.

Videos – most of us are prefer to watch videos than read texts. If a picture is worth thousand words, a video is worth double than that amount. Today’s short attention span world  people getting quick information on videos. Videos are simple but creating fast. If you want to make your video then you can screen record on your computer and use photos to montages. We have many specifications to make videos and it presenting with Social Medias. PowerPoint presentations. The sky is the limit with what you can do with video. 

Info graphics – An info graphic service, which is one of the best ways to convey messages to the viewers. Info graphic service that portrays a story about what you mentioned to the viewers. A pictured statistic is a visual manner, is a great way to interact with your audience. We all are loves pictures and photos. So audience must learn better through this media.

Social media marketing channels 

web design blogs

Face book  - Face book is the number one social media site with over 1.18 million active users monthly on face book world wide. face book is the great way to get fans and you can interact with your customers easy. It captures fans, engaging with sharing photos and videos with your audience that may be friends, relatives or customers etc. face book  has also more specifications to manage our customers.  You can separate your friends and customers with some typical things. you can create on face book business pages and communities to get more followers and increase your target audience through this social media site.

You tube -  you tube is the second largest search engine in the world.  YouTube is the premier video channel.  Creating a branded YouTube channel will not only help you promote your product, but it also creates a very valuable back link to your web, which can also assist you in getting found in the search engines.  If you know the ‘tricks of the trade’, you can literally rank on page on of YouTube with 30 minutes! You tube is a simply and effortless media to watch and upload your video to share your audience. The statistical data is mind-boggling with over 4 billion views a day on you tube. This also creates a valuable back link for your website, which supporting your blogs and websites to get better page rank on Search engine. Most of the peoples in the world are using this media to share videos and presentations to get business.

Twitter – twitter is one of the best ways to share our thoughts and ideas with potential audience or customers. Twitter is also using to share photos in Twitter stands out because less than 10% of brands actually do this!  With the popularity of mobile.  But twitter is always better when we  continuously rising, and it is a great way to fast communication with your potential customers.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the best professional net working media that promote your reputations better than any other social media sites. Because most LinkedIn users are professional. You can use LinkedIn to try to get a job, hire others, network with other, promote to targeted business etc.

Pinterest – Pinterest is an other way of marketing media through Internet. It is a different type social media. Which is an online pin board  for photos. So you can share your pictures such as motivational quotes with photos, info graphics etc. With the growing popularity of mobile, info graphics may have a tough time surviving as they do not always show up well on phones.

Google+ - G+ is also like face book is the other social media site. Which is more important and many of us are using this media like face book or twitter. We can say about it that this media is now improving than twitter. Google+ has 500 million users, but many estimate that only 20% of those accounts are active. However, with its integration of local search and Google Authorship, business will have no choice but to have a presence on the social networking giant.

Social media is a growing platform on Internet, which expanded all over the world. Now this is on $104 billion.  Social media gives us many opportunities for business and also it become high impact on our democracy. So all are using such type of Medias to make good presence in the world.

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Structured Data Highlighter

Google uses structured data to provide better search results in search engine.