Monday 15 February 2021

Latest Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top Ambulance


The Toyota Land Cruiser ambulances are one of the most preferred types of ambulances across the world. This is due to different reasons like its cost effectiveness, better performance as an ambulance, requires less maintenance and long lasting. The Dazzle is the best ambulance manufacturing companyin UAE to create best functional ambulances out of the Toyota land cruiser vehicle. This efficient and well-built vehicle chassis is given sufficient modifications and are converted to best variety of ambulances. The external and internal features along with other specific features of this vehicle are also modified accordingly.

Features of Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top VDJ78 4.5L Diesel

The engine of this vehicle is IVD –FTV, 8 cylinders and having 4.5L diesel engine. It has 5-speed manual transmission and has tilt and telescopic steering column. Then regarding the suspension and brake system, it has front HD coil spring, rear HD leaf spring, ventilated disc brakes and anti-lock braking system. The safety of this vehicle is improved with dual front airbags, rear diff lock, and air cleaner – square + snorkel, fuel tank 90+90L.

Interior Features

The interior features of this Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance includes power door lock with interlocked D seat, wireless door lock and 4 spoke urethane D390 steering wheel. Other internal features are like air conditioning with heater, front seat bench type, rear seat parallel, fabric seat material, fully equipped music system (radio), clock, cup holders, glove box with keys, floor mats, rear window defogger and more. The Dazzle is manufacturing ambulances and is a top vehicle manufacturing company in UAE.

External Features

According to the countries, some of the external features will also differ and some will be in common. The usual difference in the external features of ambulances can be in the color of paint or color of light. The most important external features of the Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance includes front fog and driving lamps, outside rear view mirror C + plating, wind shield glass green laminated, auxiliary fuel tank, rear bumper, mud guards, antenna, intermittent wiper, towing hook FR closed, front grill plating, steel wheel rims with 7.50 R16 tires, side step, fuel lid openers, rear door mounted spare wheel, super long wheel base and much more.

Addition of Medical Equipment

Even though the addition of medical equipment depends upon the kind of ambulance there are some things that are usually added. The usual ones includes infusion bottle holders, intravenous feeding hook, oxygen cylinder, oxygen therapy set, suction apparatus, main stretcher, second stretcher, first aid box, well mounted BP apparatus and stethoscope. The Dazzle is creating customized ambulances in UAE.



Monday 1 February 2021

Tapco Super Shoppe Inaugurated at Thodupuzha


The new showroom of Tapco is inaugurated today at Thodupuzha. The Tapco super shoppe at Thodupuzha is an exclusive showroom for Tapco, Shielder and Aquaizol products. This will be definitely a helpful option for the people in this area while constructing houses and any buildings. There are wide collection of floor tiles, wall tiles and roof tiles available here. There are tiles differing in their color, pattern and also the raw materials used. The Tapco tiles brand is offering wide collection of roofing and flooring materials throughout Kerala. Hence the Tapco has attained a lot of satisfied clients.

Adorable and Quality Tile Collections

Most of the tiles from the Tapco are foreign made and they are excellent in quality. Thus they are highly durable on comparing to other tile brands. The standard of all varieties of tiles are ensured and they are quality checked before passing on to the customers. Because of the usage of advanced technologies and perfect raw materials, all the tiles are uniform and good looking. The qualities of the tiles provided by Tapco have made them as the best tile brand in Kerala.

Cool Roof Tiles

The climatic conditions in Kerala are constantly varying. There may be severe heat in the summer season. This is bringing an increased electricity bill for most houses. Using cool roof tiles like that of the Tapco ceramic roof tiles will help in reducing heat. The Tapco ceramic roof tiles are of high quality, highly durable, various colors, heat resistant, water resistant and are of reasonable prices. You can get a number of cool roof tile types from the Tapco tile showroom at Thodupuzha.

Shielder Roof Tiles

The Shielder roof tiles are the economic range of roof tiles from Tapco. There are a number of tile collections available in this range. Even though the price is comparatively lower when compared to the premium tiles, they are perfect in quality. The availability of various collections will allow you to have a stress free selection of tiles. The Tapco showroom will give you best kind of tiling solutions for all your needs.

Aquaizol Roof Shingles

The Tapco is the dealer of Aquaizol roof shingles in India. These are the best quality roof shingles that are available in India. This Aquaizol roof shingles are adorable and are durable on your roofs. This will bring less maintenance works in the future as they are prone to very less damages.