Friday 15 February 2019


The Dazzle is the leading auto trading company in UAE and now extended to other parts of the world. The Dazzle manufactured vehicles are well sold in African countries and it is the most trusted brand of ambulances in Nigeria. The company manufactures and converts different kinds of vehicles such as ambulances suitable for different purposes, armored and bulletproof vehicles, special purpose vehicles and also supplies brand new cars.

The armored vehicle conversion of the Dazzle is so perfect that even after making it bullet proof or armoring, people can’t make out the difference between the original vehicle and the converted vehicle. The vehicle after the conversion will closely resemble the real vehicle of its kind.

After armoring your vehicle by keeping ballistics inside and making the glasses bulletproof.
The Dazzle offers you and your team a complete safety inside the vehicle. Since the Dazzle offers best quality armoring of vehicles, it is preferred by the military forces, police forces, embassies, border patrol, banks, celebrities and by every other group of people who are in need of armored and bullet proof vehicles.

The special purpose vehicles like the fuel tank trucks and the so called restaurant vans are created by the Dazzle, in such a way that they are perfect fitting for their uses. Perfection in each and every work is the key feature of the Dazzle. All the works are carried out by professionally skilled and experienced people who always take care of the customers words.

Similarly, when it comes to the state of ambulance manufacturing, the Dazzle creates different varieties of ambulances on different chassis of vehicles. Which are suitable to convert into different types of ambulances namely type 1, 2 and 3. Even though the basic and advanced life support ambulances require its inbuilt materials differently.

All the kinds of ambulances are expected to provide required safety for the passengers. As the ambulances are meant to do lifesaving works, the Dazzle ambulances will be the best of your choice. The Dazzle manufactured ambulances will do no compromise on the safety of the vehicles.
The Dazzle also gives different varieties of brand new cars for sale.

The Dazzle’s worldof brand new cars offers wide variety of cars and the sufficient modification or any kinds of armoring on such brand new cars are done by the Dazzle as per the customers’ requests.
All the vehicles before leaving the Dazzle will undergo certain quality checks.

Each vehicle is manufactured in such a way that the customer will not have any complaints on the vehicle and are ready for recommending others. They are high performance and good quality ensured. The Dazzle manufacturers produce the perfect creations of vehicles to the world.