Tuesday 1 November 2016


Digital media is the rapidly growing force in the current marketing field. It is thus set to the future of marketing and it is also likely to replace more traditional forms of marketing. 

Nowadays, customers had started to know their needs and the information about their needy products or services with the help of internet. This is more comfortable and reliable to them. Also this will be least time consuming with their busy schedule.  Otherwise it will give a lot of details at their fingertips in short time.

Thus for the small and large businesses there have a lot to do with the internet. The web site with a quality digital marketing services have a lot to do in improving the business. It will provide a much better exposure of your company to the people and thus improves the area of marketing and eventually improves the business.

The older generations will depend on the newspapers, books, communication methods, traditional TV and radio broadcasts for their needs. But the new generation, those who have grown up with mobile phones and latest technologies had already embraced the brave new world of digital consumption.

The world is rapidly shifting the marketing analogue to the path of digital marketing. People are behind more and more digital content such as mobile phones, laptops and so on.

Many of the small businesses fail to have a better focus on the area of digital marketing services and thus fail to get the needed marketing and it affects their business. Thus it is time to know about digital marketing services and move to the new world of digital services. Some of the key forms of digital marketing includes websites and SEO content, blogs internet banner ads, email marketing, social media marketing ( through facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. ), mobile marketing (SMS, MMS), online video content and pay- per- click (PPC) advertising. This is only a small part of the long list and new forms of digital marketing are arriving all the time.

Why to choose Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing?

Whatever may be the need everybody will look after their affordability first, so the attractive feature of the digital marketing is that, it is infinitely more affordable as compared to the traditional offline marketing methods. Digital marketing can transmit a marketing message to customers for the merest fraction of the cost of a TV ad or a print campaign, and it will potentially reach a wider area of audience than that of the traditional ways of marketing.

Another important benefit of digital marketing is that, the result can be tracked and can be monitored more easily. Rather than conducting expensive customer research, we can quickly and easily view customer response rates and can measure the effectiveness and success of your marketing campaign in very less time. Which will help in enabling you to plan more effectively for the next one.

Now, it is the era of digital age and thus the digital media forms are quickly overtaking the traditional forms of information consumption. And those businesses which fail to adapt to the newer digital marketing are at the great risk of difficulties and of going extinct sooner.

Eminent soft technologies

Wednesday 26 October 2016

How to make use of Mobile Applications?

In this competitive world of technologies mobile applications faces a rapid growth and development in the mobile market. Most of the companies are involved in mobile app development in different platforms. Thus the competition is tough among the software companies and because of this, their developer give a full enthusiasm to create a more friendly and likely app for the customers.

India comes in the front row of the fastest growing countries in mobile phone market. In the year 2012, over 200 million mobile apps and mobile handsets were sold in India.

Some important functions of mobile apps include:

-          It helps in financial transactions.

-         With the mobile apps we can aware about weather forecast and financial status.

-         We can also get the news updates with the help of mobile apps.

-         It also helps in managing daily activity like appointments and timetable.

-         Mobile apps help in communication business like video conferencing.

-         Mobile apps provide anytime entertainment for the users.

-         It promotes mobile shopping.

-         It also helps in targeted promotions, loyalty programs, social engagements and push notifications.

-         It also helps in store convenience, gifting and receipts wallet.

Due to the demand of mobile apps the day by day working level is increased in developing wonderful apps. This growing demand and usage mobile apps had also made a remarkable improvement in the app downloads. A report shows that the usage of apps per person has a great level and also the downloaded app by per person is reaching at a stable level. For the convenience of people many big companies have their own app store for downloading so that people can easily download from it.

Mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) is a simple and great way to develop, deploy and manage mobile application. This gives set of tools which help a lot in producing innovative apps. The framework should no longer work for specific platform. They want to work according to user’s demand through which they can also update their skills. MEAP have a mobile application development tool which provides services including middle ware application, hosting, management and professional services.

Recently, there is a real boom in the development of mobile application services. Modern mobile device have great variety of features and functionalities for business, net surfing, e-mailing and also for entertainment like music, watching videos and so on. With all its latest and interesting apps, it makes your life more and more easier and happier.

Sithara - Digital marketing consultant

Wednesday 20 July 2016

How to reach your target audience?

Changes in the different components in the universe constituted for the creation of our earth. Similarly, changes can or it will happen to each and everything on the world. Thus in the constantly changing world, there are much more changes in the field of marketing and thus one has to change accordingly in order to cope with the existing phenomena.

The constantly changing style is making the marketing more and more hard and more clearly, it is making marketing challenging.

If we are not diving in deep about marketing, it is one of the mysterious things we come across our life. Nowadays, most of the people think that marketing is just something in which we are putting in to some money and is watching that people are coming into your websites or application and the business is thus improving. It will be true when everybody become successful in their marketing.
This is a field where you need to be constantly updated and you have to be an eternal student who is always learning. 

This will do a lot in beating the challenge of marketing. It is like treating a complicated chronic disease in consideration to its changes on the patient by using different kinds of medicines till the disease is cured, that is it is solved. Thus you have to be like a physician or you have to be a marketing physician.

You have to be keep on exploring new channels, experiment strategies, working with different contents, different methods and so on. The type of content will play a major role in marketing, short tips when posted will provide them quick execution, as we know images are more easily captured by our brain and are easy to remember and thus bigger picture ideas can help it. Channel specific can help in improving a certain aspect of marketing. The posting of contents frequency should be preferably of one week or every day.

Every kinds of marketing face different types of challenges and the success lies in knowing the challenge and working accordingly. Even though we are having similar goals, some are stuck on hiring the top talent, while some others are facing troubles in finding right technology for their business.

Whatever may be the case there is always at least one door opened to optimization various components of its strategy which will help in turning your marketing into a better and more effective generator.

The common challenges faced by the marketers includes providing the ROI (return on investment ) of your marketing activities, securing enough budget, managing the websites, identifying the right technologies for the needs, training the team members, targeting contents for an international audience, hiring top talent, finding an executive sponsor and the challenges faced are so on.

Finally, learn your challenge and fought your challenge. And thus the challenges will be solved and marketing is made easier and will be of worth. Before you are in to the marketing, it will be better to know the challenges of your kind of marketing and have a successful time. 

The best audience is always looking the best service providers. so always make sure you are on a right path to get your target audience. Digital marketing helps you to increase your website rank on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. 


Thursday 16 June 2016

Different types of blogs which express your ideal thoughts

A Blog is a personal journal of an individual which are publicly available and are frequently updated and are intended to have a public interest. Thus a blog is a website where the author writes about his personal opinions and experiences with its online reflections, comments, and also some hyperlinks which are usually provided by the writer. Blogs makes us to understand the personality of the author. blog is one of the best ways to increase website traffic on search engines. digital marketing companies are always considering such kind of business blogs, which promote SEO services and getting good reputation through blogging services. 

Blogs differ not only in their contents written, but also in the way that content is delivered or written. There are many different types of blogs some of them are discussed below:

Personal blogs  The personal blog is an ongoing diary which is written by an individual and is frequently updated.

Group [collaborative ] blogs

In the beginning years of blogging, a blog was written by only a single individual but later on it was written by more than one writer or a group of writers. It is usually done in-order to reduce the pressure of maintaining a popular website and to attract a larger readership. lets see how to write effective blogs

Organizational and corporate blogs 

Blogs can be used for both private and public purposes. Blogs are widely used for business purposes. Internally blogs are used in order to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation and externally for marketing, branding and for public relations are called corporate blogs. For example blogs for clubs are called club blogs.

Aggregated blogs 

Certain feeds on specific topics or products are taken and is aggregated by some organizations or individuals and provide combined view for the readers. This will make the readers to concentrate on reading rather than searching on quality on the content of the particular topic and also to arrange for subscription. Many such aggregations are called planets from the name planet software which performs such aggregation.

Micro blogging 

Micro blogging is the method of posting small pieces of digital content which may be texts, images, videos, link or other media on the internet. Micro blogging tends offer a portable communication mode which feels organic and spontaneous to many and thus it has captured the public imagination. Its uses mainly are, business associates use it to coordinate meetings and to share some useful resources, friends use it to keep in touch, celebrities and politicians micro-blog about certain concert dates, lectures and so on. It also enables interaction with other applications like twitter, face book etc..

Blog writing with exceptional topics

Some blogs focus on certain topics or on a particular subject, such as political blogs, health blogs, lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, travel blogs, journalism blogs, gardening blogs, wedding blogs, psychology blogs, sociology blogs, education blogs, photography blogs, musical blogs, sports blogs, military blogs, business blogs, legal blogs, etc.. These kinds of blogs are more common and is attracted by a number of people.

How to do blogs 

There are many blogs which shares some tips and reviews about cooking, games, movies, music, health, fashion, books, and so on.

By device type 

The type of the blog is also defined by the type of device used to compose it. A blog written by a mobile device like a mobile phone is called a moblog.

Reverse blog 

This blog is composed by its users rather than a single blogger. It has the characteristics of the blog but writings of several authors.

Thus the area of blogging is a wide area with different verities of blogging and the blogs in the internet are interconnected and are socially networked, through back-links, blogrolls and comments. Then it provides a collective community of all the blogs, called as the blogosphere.

Sithara - Marketing consultant 

Thursday 2 June 2016

What is E- Commerce website?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a term widely used to describe about any type of business transaction by passing information through the internet. In the last few years, we are witnessing an explosive growth in the field of e-commerce. The benefits of the e-commerce web sites are driving a lot of business to this trend due to the benefits of e-commerce websites over other options. A creative and beautiful e-commerce web site can do a lot more with the improvement of the business.

The major benefits of e-commerce website

Low optional costs- To create a eCommerce web site requires a little amount of capital as compared to purchasing business premises. The difficulty with physical aspects is greatly reduced as the location for the business will play a major role in building a business. Another advantage is that it has the ability to save money as personal as checkouts and payment or delivery even though the process of business is fully auto mated.

Increased customer service- One of the main difficulties of having a physical business is that it can reach only to certain geographical area where it is focused, thus the business can provide services only to that particular area. Business, which may rely solely on foot traffic are also severely disadvantaged in reaching the customers. Whereas, an e-commerce site has the potential to reach a wider number of customers, by having search engine visibility and also by socialmedia promotion.

Better convenience for the customers- It will be very much convenient over the internet to purchase goods and services. The goods and services can be purchased more quickly and the orders will reach in a relatively short period of time. The important advantage is that the customer can purchase the goods and services from different businesses without having a move from his home or office. With that the customers can get abundant information at their fingertips to have an exciting shopping experience.  Another benefit provided will be that, there will be 24 hours services provided irrespective of days or time.

Invest your Money on E Commerce business

Only minimal investment is required- The cost of running e-commerce business is comparatively very low and the initial investment is also lower, when compared to the physical business. The major problem many of the people facing while starting a business is the difficulty in meeting the business expenses. So the e-commerce sites will reduce such tensions with that it will reduce many other risky parts of the physical business. And thus the business has to concentrate its efforts only on creating the goods and services in such a way that it should meet the needs of the customers and they are fully satisfied with that.

Thus the advantages of e-commerce web sites are much more than that of the ordinary business and with that the modern world has a greater focus upon the e-commerce web sites. Everybody wants a business with less effort and more profit, and with the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction. Thus the business with e-commerce websites is more convenient. 

E commerce website is not just a design or service, which implementing with lots of programming, so make sure your website is perfect for online sales.always take care about when you looking for website design companies that what ever services they provides, such as website design, web development and digital marketing services. because you may need digital marketing service for getting better traffic on search engines. so make sure you are on right place.  


Sakkariya - Founder of Eminent soft technologies

Thursday 19 May 2016

How To write attractive and effective blog posts?

Best blogging service

As we know blogging is an important step to grow our business, it is also necessary to know how to create a blog post and how artistic or effective it should be. For the beginners choosing an interesting topic and planning will help a lot, as the planning will help in developing good blogging habits with saving time.

For writing a blog it is not necessary to know everything about that particular topic and sometimes the beginners will have least knowledge about the relied topic but it should have reference from certain authoritative sources in order to get solid information. It is better to refer more number of authoritative sources for a single subject because nobody is right all the time. Blog helps your website to get reputation and getting business through online. each and every digital marketing companies doing blogging service to get more customers and reputation through Internet. If you have web design service then you should make a blog and must be engaged with blogging service that will help you to get more customers.

However we learn and whatever we follow each blogger will have some different style to some extent. Even though there are some ideas which a blogger should keep in mind while writing contents. First we should keep in mind is that, it is a thoughtful process about shaping words and ideas in a post which will approach the readers like going on a journey.

It is better to make your blog more readable as people often go through it and will not spend more time on reading it fully. Some of the ideas includes are:

- Lists- posts with point lists is preferred than posts written of an essay style.

- Formatting- consider changing font size, color and style to make readers more interesting.

- Headings and subheadings- it helps in providing a general idea and provides information about what is given inside without reading it fully.

- Pictures- Many researches have shown that human brain is more drawn towards pictures than towards words. Thus it adding pictures makes it attractive for the readers. Images have the power to make complex topics to more easily understandable topics.

- Highlight your points- always keep in mind not to bury important points as it is not likely to be unnoticed by readers. Borders and Block quotes can be used.

- Editing- editing a blog post is harder than writing a blog post. It is not about only fixing the grammatical errors and arranging the sentence. It is also important to avoid repetition and is better to read aloud the post to check the flow and ask someone else to read your post. 

Blogging services

Also keep in mind that we should not introduce too many new ideas in a single post because an average person can comprehend only 60% of what they read at a time. It may be boring and it cannot be a scannable blog for the readers and thus it may result it losing readers for the successive posts. 

Thus it is better to give successive posts which are related to each other one by one. And is better to be succinct with your points which will be easy to read, recollect, restore and reproduce when needed. 

A strong opinion of considered experts in Search EngineOptimization is that both extremely short and extremely long web pages are not ranked as highly as web pages of reasonable length. It seems the word limit is that, it is better to be above 250 words and better not to exceed more than 1000 words. It is better to have a comprehensive coverage of the selected topic.

However, it is recommended that getting as much as work done in one session is much better than doing it in different sessions as it makes easier to stay focused on the particular topic and it minimizes the risk of forgetting the crucial points. 


Thursday 12 May 2016

How to connect with local customers via social media?

Local marketing can be improved by having a focus at social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Before that we should focus on certain features by which social media gives support on local marketing.

Facebook is the most widely used social media and it has more than 1.4 billion active users around the world. But only a few will be in need of our particular business. Promoting Facebook check-ins will be a great idea to promote the business to the local audience. 

Boosting your post will help a lot as Facebook has added certain targeting tools to boosted posts. It is better to target a list of local people to make sure they see your important posts. Another idea includes posting an update to your business page, and then it can be shared as yourself. This will gives you a wider number of audiences.

Another is promoting social events, thus everyone invited to particular event will be able see it in their notifications. Also try to focus on people who live near you and work near you, which will improve the local business. Targeting Facebook ads to a local community is also a better way.

Twitter may not be a social media like Facebook, but it can be valuable for local marketing. The twitter profile provides many opportunities in this field as we can include a recognizable landmark in your header photo, listing your city in the location field, and many such ways. Twitter lists help you to create a particular group of interesting people and businesses on a particular topic. It would not help if you are not properly listing. We can use tools like Hoot suite or Tweet Deck to pull lists into columns and it will help us to improve the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter. 

Social media helps you to increase your website visibility on search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and Bing etc. more over you have a good website to get better impression so first you must know how to make your website creative and professional or you can search on Google for a best web design company. both web design and digital marketing service will help you to increase your business through online.

The Twitters advanced search can be used in a good way to find a better improvement in your local business. Suppose if you are searching for something particular for your business, it will be better if you are searching for it within 15 miles of your business and then on the results page click on the accounts tab and follow the active users and add them to your local yarn heads lists and engage them by proper communication. In Twitter, Twitter ads also help to connect with local customers.

LinkedIn, which is a business - focused social media helps in finding local people a snap. The information you find here will be accurate because the addresses will be of companies and the people are also encouraged to be in their real identity. We also save our searches and have LinkedIn send you weekly updates for any new people who all will match your category. It will be like sending a list of local leads to you weekly.

Instagram helps to showcase your business in a visual platform, thus for companies with a strong visual brand Instagram can be great option. Instagram profiles have good local branding options. It helps you target ads based on geography or lists that you upload to your Facebook Ads manager. 

The hash tags in Instagram will helps to find out what is going on locally and you can also promote your own posts also in to it.
Thus these social medias will contribute a much more better role in the field of local business and marketing through several ways and also for several purposes across your targeted local areas. 

Dr Sithara - SEO Engineer 

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Modern website design

Website design is not just a service but also it is an art. It makes creative and professional with creative artist. While designing a website certain elements, when incorporated carefully can make the website a friendlier website, it will make the website more understandable and explains about the company more interestingly. In order to bring about such websites certain techniques are important such as creating a unique and large type of topography which is attractive to the readers. It is also important that while selecting a font, its acceptability across browsers and computers must be assured otherwise it is not of much use for the company.

It is a well known fact that images can give a lot more ideas about a particular device and  images can be recalled more easily and quickly than words, it will also make the content more interesting and make you to scroll down to have a look at the upcoming contents. These images are often placed in the background with text and other content over lied on top. In spite of the details given, large images can tell your story better. And it should be ensured that the images are responsive images, otherwise some people may miss this.

Similarly is the role of videos, videos when played automatically in the background can add a lot to the website. The advantage is that it will significantly reduce the amount of other contents that are required and tells the story more interestingly and improves the business. It provides the reader some sorts of understanding about the company without having a look at any text. The videos can be processed by the brain a much more times faster than the texts. Another advantage is that nowadays most of the people hesitate to read large texts, in such cases they will easy go through the videos.

Semi flat designs are another great improvement in this field. As it can be loaded quickly and more easily than the other designs. Initially it was started by apple and now it is an accepted design. It will give life to the website and thus it become more convenient for the user.

A major disadvantage is that a website will usually have a long menu of options, which generally take up on a large space in the valuable screen space. A hidden or hamburger menu can help solve this problem which makes the reader to choose the options whatever is required with a complete satisfaction of the company.

Large product images through the websites will help the designers to highlight the various features of a product or service a better and more effective way. This helps the readers to get better ideas about the features through the images than through the words.

Card designs are becoming more and more popular, attractive and interesting. It is accepted part of website designing.

Short videos or featured videos will also do a lot as it gives a better idea about the product or service in a short time without spending a lot of time watching videos. Several verities of ideas constitute the modern method of website designing and the ideas are ever.

John Muller

Tuesday 26 April 2016

What is Responsive website designing?

Web designing is a much creative field of production and maintenance of web sites.Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the world without any animated graphics, different styles of typography, background and music. 

Web design service - Eminent soft technologies

Web design plays a major role in present day life. web designs are mainly used for marketing and communication,depending on the design it works for its target market. Thus the web design considerations are much more important. while creating a web design,

The designer must consider the nature or trends of its audience, also ensure that the overall design of a site do not clash with the ease of web navigation, it is also important to consider the reputation of the owner that he is favoured and satisfied with it.

The most important part  of web design is that, it should be understanding and the datas should be correctly conveyed to the user.It is related to clear instructions, layout and labelling on a website to become a more interactive web design. The web design must always be tried to keep user friendly because all the users may not be skilled or well versed by using websites which otherwise will affect the utility of the websites.

The web designing is a combined process which includes web graphic design, interface design, standardised code and proprietary software,user experience design and search engine optimization.These works may be done as a team work or sometimes some designers will do all the processes required for a web site.It is important for a designer to be aware of the utility of the particular website and the designer should have up to date ideas with web accessibility guidelines.

web design company 

A creative, attractive and useful web design is much more important for an effective marketing for the customers. As it provides information to a large number of people anywhere and any time about the particular goods or services available. In the same way web designing also plays a major role in the field of entertainment.

The ever increasing competition in the field of web designing is doing good for the customers, as it gives a range of  options available for the customers to select the best one out of them.

Jack Smith

Wednesday 16 March 2016

How to get business from face book fan Page?

Face book is the biggest media social networking site in the World. It is the fast growing social media than any other Social Media. Face book is extended worldwide and growing day by day and it has been over 80000000 unique visitors per month. Face book helps us to get traffic even we have just a page on face book. Because most of the peoples are connected with face book and doing business with face book pages. We all know that most of the time we spent so much things with face book, we have getting business with face book. we can leads our business and increase potential customers with face book communities and business pages.

Social Media Marketing with Face book fan page

Social Media Marketing is the best way for marketing than direct marketing, which helps to interacting with potential customers. Social media is not only a medium with Interacting peoples but also it has an emerging opportunity to increase web traffic creation and also helping to get good customers.

We all know that face book has many options to increase web traffic and website has getting power with such kind social media sites. Face book enveloping our websites and caring to increasing traffic and back link power to get search engine rank.

Why should we make face book fan page? 

If you are a business man or Internet marketing specialist then you should know about face book page. It has many advantages that help to increase your business with web traffic creation. Every blog should have face book fan page. It is the best way to increase your business and promoting your website through face book fan page.

Face book fan page

If you have face book page then you should bothered about to fill all the blank are of face book fan page and if you don’t have then you should make it today for getting potential customers. First of all you should know about to fill the respective fields on face book fan page, because such pages describes who you are or what is your business. Mainly “about” is very important section of the page. Make sure that filled with rich content on every blank field. Contents are very important on mainly “about” section. As well as make sure the grab custom user name for face book fan page. it will help your brand reputation across the World.

If you make your face book fan page then you filled with some awesome introduction, because if somebody visiting your page they will get be attractive with your page and surely they will come on your wall and reading stuffs, so you must decorate your wall with awesome stuffs. Always put attractive posts and images regularly.

When you make your face book page then you don’t forget to put your website urls in the about section. Because if visitors comes to your about section then they will surely click your website url. It will lead you website visits.

Always do perfect posts and images regularly on your face book fan page. this will be increase your followers and invites your friends and partners to join in your page.

Do you think that why does digital marketing service provider using mainly face book business page for getting business on-line?

Face book is listed as the biggest media for business on-line or we can say it it is the best way for getting potential customers on Internet. face book provides business page and communities to interact with audience. this might be the higher level of earning potential customers. So most of the companies are using Face book as a media for business.

Nimi patel - Ras al Khaimah hotel

Saturday 12 March 2016

How to make website creative and Professional?

Web design is a process, which makes ideas and thoughts coming from the heart of an Artist, which is the idea of an aesthetic mind that spreads across the World.

Web design is an Art it encompasses many different skills and ideas about to create websites. Website have different levels while it making so make sure we are able to learn much things to make quality and professional website. Web design is not a single part, it has different areas that are web graphic design, user interface design, authoring and coding.

The tern web design, we often using it for as front end design and back end design that both have  different level because of that front end design is using for client side include writing mark up and the back end design is related web programming side. That is little bit of web page coding like J-query and Java script. 

Do you think that how to make creative website or do you know who is the best creative website provider?

We all know that improving your customer experience with your website that proven bottom of customer sites. If you are a creative and professional web designer then you can increase your web design service with customer reference.

Features of Web design


Layout is the frame of website that makes beautifully and at the same we make it very responsive for user experience. It is created by an Artist who makes design tools for making quality layout.  Layout should be creative and professional. This is important feature of website.


Graphics is the crucial thing of a website which could be attractive and professional. It has includes logos, icons, clip arts and Photos, which makes website better and professional and enhances website authority.


Content is one of the main features of a website that convey messages to the audience. Content should be professional, relevant and also be useful for getting good results and should be included by relevant keywords to getting search engine traffic. Nowadays most of the businesses are getting by on-line, so we should make better keyword related contents for getting good results from search engines. your website contents is related to your Digital marketing services. so always make better SEO related contents to increase web traffic.

If you want to make a website then you first check the best web design firm on search engines because you can search the best design firm on Google. First of all when you see the design companies, check the sites of companies if their site is attractive then you can expect a good design from them.  Always check most companies sites to analyse the best design.