Tuesday 31 December 2019


It is very much important to know the benefits of online bus ticket booking before you book a ticket. The facility of online portals for booking bus tickets was introduced only a few years back. With its introduction in the travel field, there came a lot of changes.

This brought a lot of benefits to travelers. Some of them are discussed below. There are many bus booking apps in India and the zetoBus is one of the best bus ticket booking app.


This can also, act as a stress reliever when you or your family are frequent bus travelers. Previously, we were doing offline ticket booking for buses. Whenever we are going to book a ticket, we or our person must be present physically to book a ticket. At times, it will be difficult for us. The person must be present prior to the bus or must be waiting in the queue till he gets the ticket. This will be stressful and is a time-wasting process. We may also lose the ticket, if we are late or if there is an excess rush for this.

Along with all the above-mentioned problems, we wouldn’t be able to avail of offers or discounts. It was a difficult and time-wasting practice to do offline bus booking. People are actually fed up with these practices. The zetoBus bus ticketbooking app in India is introducing a perfect solution to all these problems.

The zetoBus helps its customers to book bus tickets easily. It will get you to know about the buses to a particular destination. There may have different kinds of buses like Volvo buses, luxury buses, ordinary buses, air-conditioned buses or any other kind of buses.

The travelers can take their kind of bus and book tickets in it and thereby ensure seats. This also provides travelers to gain different offers and discounts on their travel. Online booking also became less expensive as compared to offline bus booking.


The services are so transparent that the traveler can detect the place through which they are traveling. You can know the time at which the bus will reach the destination. Thereby, this is helping you to plan for further steps in your journey. The zetoBus ensure you a comfortable and safe journey until you reach your destination. This is a truly innovative change from the conventional practices of bus ticket booking in India. 

Monday 30 December 2019


When you are planning of a bus trip through India, you must always consider zetoBus. The zetoBus is one of the best online bus tickets booking app in India. This enables you to know about the buses to a particular area, know the times and book bus tickets. You can book bus tickets prior to your journey and avail of different offers from the zetoBus. The zetoBus provides amazing deals for the customer’s one after the other.


Before you plan bus travel there are several things that we will keep in mind. The major thing will be it is a cost-effective part. Bus travel tends to be more cost-effective as compared to other road travels. This is one of the major reasons for the selection of bus travel by people.
We also think of what kind of bus to choose and what kind of bus we need to travel.

The zetoBus provides several options of buses to choose from. It has all kinds of buses like Volvo buses, luxury buses, ordinary buses and more. Choosing buses as per your requirement is made simple with the help of zetoBus online bus ticket booking app. But people were regretting to choose bus travel mainly because of the difficulty in booking tickets. They also face the unavailability of bus tickets for that particular time they need to travel.

The zetoBus gives its customers the chance to book bus tickets and ensure their seats whenever they want. Thus the zetoBus is leaving the stress out of mind about bus ticket booking. The zetoBus is now one of the best bus booking apps in Bangalore. Its excellent services for bus ticket booking gained this name.


After planning a bus trip and ticket booking, we always think of our journey; that is, will it be comfortable or not. The zetoBus ensures you no worry about your travel by bus as it offers highly comfortable buses and safety throughout your travel. The zetoBus always give priority to their customers and customer safety tends to be very important for them. 

These excellences in services made them be very popular among the bus ticket booking apps across India.
A good and comfortable bus journey will be definitely the major requirement for a person traveling by bus. The zetoBus understands this requirement and provide effective services to the people.

Tuesday 24 December 2019


The zetoBus is wishing you a merry Christmas and happy New Year with several offers. The online bus booking apps play a significant role in the bus booking to major cities of India. Hence it has attained popularity within few years. The zetoBus is one of the popular bus booking site in India.


The Christmas offer is available till the last of December and New Year offer till first few days of January. Getting these offers are even easy with zetoBus. You can avail the offers by using certain coupon codes.  It is possible to get a discount of more than five percent with zetoBus. Book your tickets and ensure your seats for travelling anywhere in India this Christmas season with zetoBus.


Festive seasons are always the best seasons to avail offers. This is because most of the people will be in need of travelling to their home or relative’s home during Christmas and New Year. Most of us will be in a mood to enjoy their holidays. Getting a discount or benefit will be a great thing for us especially during these seasons. The zetoBus is understanding the needs of customers and giving benefits. The zetoBus is now the leading bus booking app in Cochin.


The zetoBus is ensuring safe and comfortable journey to the travellers. You can travel to all major cities in India with the help of zetoBus bus booking app in India. Due to its excellent services, it had gained a higher popularity among the cities. It is very easy to book bus tickets and a comfortable travel by bus is ensured by the zetoBus.
All we need is a comfortable travel and getting better discounts. When we are busy it is not difficult for us to book tickets and waste time. The zetobus understand the demands of the people and brought a better solution for the travelling problems in bus. The zetoBus is one of the best bus booking app in Bangalore.


When the Christmas and New Year is near, we always think of easy decorations of our interior spaces. It will be difficult to do a complete makeover to the interior designs or spaces as these are seasonal decorations. But it is very important to have an interior design suitable for modifications or decorations. The Malabary interiors are good in designing interior spaces that are suitable for seasonal decorations. These kinds of decorations will be needed in a house for any celebrations like marriage parties, birthday parties, Christmas and New Year.


The interior designs have a lot to do with decors. While designing an interior space, giving space to these decorations is an essential one when you are a person who celebrates at your home. Celebrating family traditions will always choose home. This is a usual thing in Indian tradition. The Malabary interior designers had showed its efficiency and became the best interior designers in Perinthalmanna.

The interior designs are those parts of your home which are not easy to change. But when it comes to interior decorations, these can be easily changed with less effort. These are usually changed based on the considerations of celebrations. The interior designs must have that peculiarity to adjust the changing decorations.


There are many interior design ideas from Malabary interiors for the upcoming New Year. Consider the suitable ones for your home.

1. Get organized

Getting organized is very important as it will give a good look to your interiors and eases your activities. Make all parts of your home, especially those areas which are messy to a tidy one. It will be better if you arrange your kitchen pantry and even your make-up drawer. Make your New Year truly inspirational for you.

2. Bring new color combinations

Add decors to your spaces in your favorite colors or change the color combinations in your room. Bringing a new and good color to your home interiors or office interiors can create a favorable change in your mind. This will help you to have a good time ahead the New Year. Creating these ideas into live has made the Malabary interiors to the best interior designers in Cochin.

3. Express yourself this festive season

Expose your art products regarding the Christmas and New Year. It is a better idea to express you with your own art products. This can have a great result when you add some DIYs to your home with the adorable interiors designs from the Malabary interior designing company.

Thursday 19 December 2019


There is a rapid growing hotel stay trend in Dubai – the microstay. The Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and so are its technologies. The introduction of latest technologies like hourly stay hotel rooms and other similar convenient technologies has become essential in Dubai.

As it is on demand to have newer technologies and ideas here, Dubai got influenced with the micro stays easily.
Due to the development, the Dubai tends to be a good business spot. Thus it is a place where many business meets occur. The people on business travel will require only less time to stay in Dubai, probably few hours.

Arranging a hotel stay for few hours was very convenient and money saving for them. It is a good option for business travels that they can stay for few hours in a hotel and pay only for that.

Moreover, the time flexibility is the happiest part of microstay hotels. This allows the customers to choose their favorable time to stay in the hotels. That is, the check-in and check-out time is of their interest.

This is especially convenient when the travelers need to take a short nap, to freshen up, spend time in case of layovers or to enjoy the benefits of the hotels. Whatever may be your need, the Stayhopper micro stay hotel booking app in Dubai will make it easier for you to stay in Dubai.


The hourly stay hotels rooms are already in action in many European and Asian countries. This is known by the name day use rooms in many countries. This had given a better feedback from the customers and it was very convenient for them. The micro stay hotel rooms in UAE were first introduced by Stayhoppers.

The easy to use and 24 hour services offered by the Stayhopper micro stay app made it a customer friendly service. This actually had a boom in the Dubai tourism and the number of people choosing hourly stay hotel rooms had a steady increase over time.

The introduction of micro stays had brought a good change from the conventional hotel stay practices. This is actually a loss of money for people who want to stay for few hours. Many people also say that they had a satisfaction for paying less for hotel stays. It is said that the Stayhopper is yet to bring more favorable ideas in the field of hotel booking and stays in UAE.


While selecting an ambulance or anything, we must always keep in mind about its needs. There are many things one must consider before purchasing an ambulance. The Dazzle ambulance manufacturers in UAE are the best ambulance manufacturers who can suggest you and provide the suitable kind of ambulance for their customers.

You must consider how you are going to use it. The area in which you are going to use this ambulance also must be considered. Here we explain few things you have to keep in mind while selecting an ambulance.


The ambulances are of different types depending on the facilities available and the medical equipment needed. Before choosing from them you must be aware about your mission or need. Choosing the perfect fit ambulance and manufacture you kind of ambulance will be the best thing you can do to enable a perfect mission.

If you are planning to have an ambulance for rescue mission, you must choose a four wheeldrive ambulance as you may have to go through difficult roads or areas. You must evaluate and keep all the resources and services expected for this mission.

These kinds of ambulances must have basic medical facilities like stretchers, BP apparatus and other equipment to check the vital signs. This also should have an oxygen cylinder or other such equipment to ensure patient’s safety. Always get what is good for your purpose within your financial availabilities.

But in case of less serious case handling ambulances there is only less equipment required. For this usually basic life support ambulances are used. The Dazzle creates the best ambulances and are the best ambulances manufacturing company in UAE. The Dazzle ambulances are available all around the world.


Generally, the ambulances will require high performance as they have to carry emergencies. They must be perfectly efficient to carry out an emergency situation. But in case of basic life support ambulance it is not actually required as it does not handle emergencies. The basic life support ambulances are mainly used for carrying non-emergency patients like physiotherapy patients, minor fractures or injuries or any other minor cases.

In case of advanced life support ambulances and standard life support ambulances you must go for a good performing vehicle. This is because these ambulances must handle emergencies and required a better performance.

They must be in such a way that they are easily identified in a crowd. This is the reason for adding ambulance sirens, lights and logos on the ambulances. The Dazzle ambulance manufacturers are converting different chassis of vehicles into best ambulances.

Thursday 5 December 2019


Whenever I think of travelling, money was a great problem to me. Like most of the people, I feel bad on spending money on unnecessary things. I always tried to find money saving ideas. The micro stays are one of such good ideas for your pockets. Micro stays are the hourly hotel rooms or the day use rooms. The Stayhopper is the micro stay app in UAE providing excellent services to its customers. There is more about Stayhoppers than just a micro stay.


The micro stays can be very much helpful to business travelers and other visitors who need only a short stay. This is a great option by which you have to pay less for staying less time in a hotel room. The Stayhopper microstay app helps to book your micro stay hotel in UAE easily. Flexibility in choosing the check-in and check-out time can be much helpful for the customers.

The customers won’t feel bad and will surely have a satisfaction that they had paid only for a necessary part. The microstays are an excellent thing for freshen up and for small relaxing time. This will not make the customers to hesitate when they need an hourly stay room next time.


The first introduced micro stay in UAE is the Stayhopper. Along with saving money, the customers and hoteliers are getting benefited from this. It has many different features other than hourly stays. They provide fully flexible options to the customers. That is the customers can choose their check-in and check-out times and the number of hours to stay. Then pay only for the hours they stayed. It can be 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours and can be even extended as per your wish.

This is especially aimed at performing for the convenience of the people. For those who needs a short time in a hotel room, this will be a great option. While you are staying in an hourly stay hotel in UAE, you can use all the amenities and facilities of these hotels with the small payment of micro stays. The customers can know about the offers and facilities of the hotels with the Stayhoppers, as they are updated frequently.

The hoteliers are also benefited with their customers as they can rent their rooms more than once in a day. This also brings more customer engagement and there by better exposure to the hotels. This will also increase the revenue received by the hotels.  

Wednesday 6 November 2019


Dubai is a well-known place in the world for tourism, shopping, business and trade. This accounts for the happening of rapid changes in UAE. Similarly, there is changing trends in the field of tourism also. It arises from the changes in the economic and social trends of the people especially in UAE. The changes in the lifestyle of people in UAE demands more improved technologies in all the aspects. Thus the introduction of the concept of microstay hotel rooms accounts to a revolutionary change in UAE.
The city of Dubai plays a major role development of tourism in UAE. It is one among the top five tourists visited cities in the world and it a prominent travel hub in UAE. It has increased the traffic of more people into UAE and some of the growing trends here include:


The short stay rooms or the micro stay rooms in UAE are the latest version of comfortable hotel stays in all the sense. The Stayhopper is the first introduced microstay in UAE. It is said because; it allows more flexible options for the customers while staying in hotels of UAE. They can be used conveniently for those customers who need to stay in hotels for only few hours. The Stayhopper allows its customers to select from thousands of hotels, choose their own convenient time for check-in and check-out and pay only for the hours. The Stayhopper microstays starts from the minimum of 3 hours and it can be up to 6 hours or 12 hours.


The UAE, especially Dubai has faced both rise and fall in the interest of different cuisines. But now, the regional flavors are becoming a trend here. The trend is especially behind the traditional Middle Eastern and North African. The infusion of fusion flavors like Arabian and Egyptian into the Asian and European cuisines is under high expectation. The food flavors are one of the greatest growing trends in UAE.


The visitors are attracted to Dubai due to its wonderful monuments, beautiful deserts, and romantic beaches and well developed cities. The freshness and beauty of the places in UAE has driven more tourists here. There are many more things here to attract large number of visitors.
Shopping is another attraction which mainly the Dubai has. There are many shopping festivals and events conducted in UAE. This attracts a lot of customers to UAE. This also leads to the introduction of more and more international brands here. Due to the increased competition of different brands here, improved qualities of most of the products are available here.

Tuesday 5 November 2019


We like to have positive changes in life, travelling is one such thing which brings a lot of positives to life. Travelling has several benefits like it may incorporate with one’s behavioral modifications. It will make you to learn to appreciate different cultures, adjusting different environments and different sorts of people. This will also enable you to appreciate the diversity in the world. You can make your trip more cheerful with the flexible options from the Stayhopper's hourly based hotel rooms. Here we can see few reasons which make you happy while travelling:


Everybody would like to have a change from the usual circumstances of life. A break from the routine is essential. So take a break and go for a trip. This will make you to meet new people and enables you to learn distinctive ideas.


When you travel to different places tasting different cuisines are a part of your happiness. Different places have different tastes of food. Almost every place has different tastes and you can discover it through travelling. There may have some special food items peculiar for a place. You will love it the most if you are a foodie.


Each day we will have new experiences, we knowingly or unknowingly learn it. If you have a travel, it will be the great way to educate yourself. It will add knowledge that is not present in the books. You can have your own experience that you will get more than a photograph or a video.


This is when you are less dependent on your family and peers. You will realize you are the person who can help you the best when you are in a trouble. Facing a least expected situation may happen during a trip and how you are tackling the condition will make you more confident. It will make you self-reliant. 


You will be a new person when you go to another place. People will look at you and treat you as such. Travelling actually can make you a newer person. When you travel, it has possibilities to change you to a broadminded, friendly, knowledgeable and confident than you were before.


When you are a traveller to UAE, the Stayhopper microstays will be one of your great experiences you had there. The Stayhopper will enable you to stay in the hotels of UAE for short times according to your convenience. They introduce many hotels providing hourly hotel rooms in UAE, providing all the amenities and offers. The Stayhopper microstays will be definitely one of the reasons for your happiness when you travel UAE.

Friday 15 February 2019


The Dazzle is the leading auto trading company in UAE and now extended to other parts of the world. The Dazzle manufactured vehicles are well sold in African countries and it is the most trusted brand of ambulances in Nigeria. The company manufactures and converts different kinds of vehicles such as ambulances suitable for different purposes, armored and bulletproof vehicles, special purpose vehicles and also supplies brand new cars.

The armored vehicle conversion of the Dazzle is so perfect that even after making it bullet proof or armoring, people can’t make out the difference between the original vehicle and the converted vehicle. The vehicle after the conversion will closely resemble the real vehicle of its kind.

After armoring your vehicle by keeping ballistics inside and making the glasses bulletproof.
The Dazzle offers you and your team a complete safety inside the vehicle. Since the Dazzle offers best quality armoring of vehicles, it is preferred by the military forces, police forces, embassies, border patrol, banks, celebrities and by every other group of people who are in need of armored and bullet proof vehicles.

The special purpose vehicles like the fuel tank trucks and the so called restaurant vans are created by the Dazzle, in such a way that they are perfect fitting for their uses. Perfection in each and every work is the key feature of the Dazzle. All the works are carried out by professionally skilled and experienced people who always take care of the customers words.

Similarly, when it comes to the state of ambulance manufacturing, the Dazzle creates different varieties of ambulances on different chassis of vehicles. Which are suitable to convert into different types of ambulances namely type 1, 2 and 3. Even though the basic and advanced life support ambulances require its inbuilt materials differently.

All the kinds of ambulances are expected to provide required safety for the passengers. As the ambulances are meant to do lifesaving works, the Dazzle ambulances will be the best of your choice. The Dazzle manufactured ambulances will do no compromise on the safety of the vehicles.
The Dazzle also gives different varieties of brand new cars for sale.

The Dazzle’s worldof brand new cars offers wide variety of cars and the sufficient modification or any kinds of armoring on such brand new cars are done by the Dazzle as per the customers’ requests.
All the vehicles before leaving the Dazzle will undergo certain quality checks.

Each vehicle is manufactured in such a way that the customer will not have any complaints on the vehicle and are ready for recommending others. They are high performance and good quality ensured. The Dazzle manufacturers produce the perfect creations of vehicles to the world.

Thursday 3 January 2019


The vehicles are a necessity for us, but for different purposes. The purpose of the vehicle differs with each person. The Dazzle, as one of the leading manufacturer in UAE understands the needs of the people and makes the vehicles functional according to the needs of the customers.

The Dazzle is one of the best vehicle manufacturers in UAE who develop different varieties of vehicles like ambulances, armored vehicles or any other special purpose vehicles. Each conversion of vehicles will be tailor- fitting for their uses.

We do the designs and modifications to a diverse range of vehicles and the reconfiguration solutions will be perfect fitting for the desired vehicle. The innovative designs and brilliant engineering works had leaded us to deliver products with international qualities and high performance.

We take and meet any customer requests to ensure the customer satisfaction. This made us to earn a lot of satisfied customers who recommended the Dazzle vehicle conversion team to other people. The Dazzle manufactured vehicles are thus available throughout the world especially in Middle East, African countries and European countries. They have outstanding performance as compared to vehicles manufactured and converted by other companies.

We perform unique conversions of the vehicles considering the quality, durability and safety of the vehicles. The converted vehicles other than the ambulances are done conversions in such a way that they can be hardly noticed. We do conversions that closely resemble the model of the vehicle of its original kind.

The Dazzle manufactures front line ambulances with varied facilities. All the types of ambulances namely Type I, Type II and Type III are manufactured by the Dazzle. The ambulances manufactured may be advanced, basic or standard ambulances depending upon the need of the customer. Whatever may be the conversion done, the safety of the vehicle is ensured and are undergone different levels of quality tests before the availability of ambulances for sale.

When it comes to the field of armored or special purpose vehicles, we always consider the safety of the passengers at first. The vehicle is given with the ballistic material inside it during the vehicle conversion to make it a bullet proof vehicle and can prevent damages from accidents. Along with this arms are included in these kinds of vehicles as per the requirements of the customers especially when they are under threat. 

The Dazzle manufactures military vehicles, other agency vehicles and also the private vehicles are also armored without showing many external changes. With us, there is also the availability of different brand new cars for sale.