Thursday, 19 December 2019


There is a rapid growing hotel stay trend in Dubai – the microstay. The Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and so are its technologies. The introduction of latest technologies like hourly stay hotel rooms and other similar convenient technologies has become essential in Dubai.

As it is on demand to have newer technologies and ideas here, Dubai got influenced with the micro stays easily.
Due to the development, the Dubai tends to be a good business spot. Thus it is a place where many business meets occur. The people on business travel will require only less time to stay in Dubai, probably few hours.

Arranging a hotel stay for few hours was very convenient and money saving for them. It is a good option for business travels that they can stay for few hours in a hotel and pay only for that.

Moreover, the time flexibility is the happiest part of microstay hotels. This allows the customers to choose their favorable time to stay in the hotels. That is, the check-in and check-out time is of their interest.

This is especially convenient when the travelers need to take a short nap, to freshen up, spend time in case of layovers or to enjoy the benefits of the hotels. Whatever may be your need, the Stayhopper micro stay hotel booking app in Dubai will make it easier for you to stay in Dubai.


The hourly stay hotels rooms are already in action in many European and Asian countries. This is known by the name day use rooms in many countries. This had given a better feedback from the customers and it was very convenient for them. The micro stay hotel rooms in UAE were first introduced by Stayhoppers.

The easy to use and 24 hour services offered by the Stayhopper micro stay app made it a customer friendly service. This actually had a boom in the Dubai tourism and the number of people choosing hourly stay hotel rooms had a steady increase over time.

The introduction of micro stays had brought a good change from the conventional hotel stay practices. This is actually a loss of money for people who want to stay for few hours. Many people also say that they had a satisfaction for paying less for hotel stays. It is said that the Stayhopper is yet to bring more favorable ideas in the field of hotel booking and stays in UAE.

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