Thursday 3 January 2019


The vehicles are a necessity for us, but for different purposes. The purpose of the vehicle differs with each person. The Dazzle, as one of the leading manufacturer in UAE understands the needs of the people and makes the vehicles functional according to the needs of the customers.

The Dazzle is one of the best vehicle manufacturers in UAE who develop different varieties of vehicles like ambulances, armored vehicles or any other special purpose vehicles. Each conversion of vehicles will be tailor- fitting for their uses.

We do the designs and modifications to a diverse range of vehicles and the reconfiguration solutions will be perfect fitting for the desired vehicle. The innovative designs and brilliant engineering works had leaded us to deliver products with international qualities and high performance.

We take and meet any customer requests to ensure the customer satisfaction. This made us to earn a lot of satisfied customers who recommended the Dazzle vehicle conversion team to other people. The Dazzle manufactured vehicles are thus available throughout the world especially in Middle East, African countries and European countries. They have outstanding performance as compared to vehicles manufactured and converted by other companies.

We perform unique conversions of the vehicles considering the quality, durability and safety of the vehicles. The converted vehicles other than the ambulances are done conversions in such a way that they can be hardly noticed. We do conversions that closely resemble the model of the vehicle of its original kind.

The Dazzle manufactures front line ambulances with varied facilities. All the types of ambulances namely Type I, Type II and Type III are manufactured by the Dazzle. The ambulances manufactured may be advanced, basic or standard ambulances depending upon the need of the customer. Whatever may be the conversion done, the safety of the vehicle is ensured and are undergone different levels of quality tests before the availability of ambulances for sale.

When it comes to the field of armored or special purpose vehicles, we always consider the safety of the passengers at first. The vehicle is given with the ballistic material inside it during the vehicle conversion to make it a bullet proof vehicle and can prevent damages from accidents. Along with this arms are included in these kinds of vehicles as per the requirements of the customers especially when they are under threat. 

The Dazzle manufactures military vehicles, other agency vehicles and also the private vehicles are also armored without showing many external changes. With us, there is also the availability of different brand new cars for sale.