Friday 31 January 2020


Once or twice in a year, we go for a family trip. I belong to a large family. We arrange occasional family trips to various places. The whole family includes more than 30 members. This time for the Christmas and New Year celebration we chose Malabar as our destination. After choosing the destination we usually search for the places to stay. This time in the search we got Narmada homestay near Perinthalmanna. The Narmada homestay was the best ever staying option we had made. There is a lot to say about this resort in Malappuram.


There are a lot to visit here. The place is blessed with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It has a lot of mountains and hilly areas. There are a number small rivers and streams running through this. The Kodikuthimala is one of the best hill points in Malappuram. People visiting here won’t miss a visit to this point. Another one is the Kottakkunnu near to the Malappuram town. There are much more less known areas to visit here.

The historical monuments are other attractions of the Malabar. The famous Poonthanam Illam is located just few kilometers away from the Perinthalmanna town. Another one is the Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy temple. Likewise, there are many ancient architectural creations here. These are the worth watching places in Malabar.

There many beautiful dams like Malampuzha dam, Kanjeerappuzha dam and many small dams near to this area. The rivers and other water bodies are the other excitements of Malabar. The Narmada homestays were giving perfect guidance about the places to visit in Malabar. They are even providing travel facilities to their customers.


Here is the reason why I would like to say more about the Narmada homestay and it is the best. The Narmada homestay provides all the necessary facilities that are required for a comfortable living. It is composed of five villas namely – Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Sindhu and Krishna. All the five are well furnished and are hygienically maintained. These villas have the facilities for self-cooking, which was very useful to us since we were in many numbers. Another important thing is the availability of automatic washing machines that was a necessary since there were many children.

This is located at a beautiful place very near to the Angadippuram.  The Panchakarma treatment of the Narmada homestay is said to be very effective by the customers. The exterior part of this homestay is well kept with garden and with places to relax. It also has sufficient places for outdoor games and also has relaxing places. All these things make the Narmada homestay a best place to stay in Angadippuram. Thus it is most chosen by many people when they go for rooms near the Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy temple. 

Monday 27 January 2020


When you think of a trip you may have several imaginations or dreams you would like to have. Most of the people go behind comfort or luxury in their travel. The zetoBus bus booking app is providing bus tickets to different varieties of buses. All the buses from the zetoBus have assured comfort. Buses like sleeper buses, semi-sleeper buses, ordinary buses or luxurious buses are available with zetoBus. It is comparatively very easy to book bus tickets through zetoBus. Here I discuss about my experience of bus booking through zetoBus app.


I strongly recommend you to book bus tickets through the zetoBus app. Here I will explain the reasons why I said so. Firstly, the zetoBus is providing bus tickets to almost all regions in India. Buses are available to many tourist places, cities and pilgrim spots. Thus it is a favorable option for many travelers. Secondly, it is easy to book a bus ticket through the zetoBus. Only few steps are required and there will be instant acceptance of your tickets. Also while booking tickets you are let to know about the availability of seats. Then you can book seats according to your interest. Not only the bus, even the seats also as per your interest.

You can experience a wonderful journey with comfort. The travelers will be definitely happy with the services of zetoBus. The customers are given good priority and they ensure safety. All the customers are ensured a safe travel till they reach their destination. Many different offers are also given by the zetoBus, so that the customers can get discounts in booking bus tickets.  Due to this the zetoBus had attained a better popularity among the people. The excellent and comprehensive services made it a successful one. There are an ever increasing number of customers for the zetoBus. The zetoBus is now the one among the best bus ticket booking app in India.


The zetoBus offers good tracking system to the customers. This will let the travelers to know about the place where they had reached. And then, they can let their family to know the place. By this they can also plan for further travel or purposes in their travel. This is actually another part of convenience that is offered by the zetoBus. There are more or improved conveniences yet to come from the zetoBus.

Friday 17 January 2020


The Dubai is that part of the world which is prone to frequent developments. So, there is an increased need of automotive needs. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers tend to be the best vehicle manufacturers in Dubai.They are apt to serve the automotive needs of Dubai. Different vehicle chassis is converted to desirable vehicles by using several latest technologies and ideas.

 The interior and exterior features along with the vehicle specifications vary with the purpose of the vehicles. The Dazzle manufactures vehicles like ambulances, armored vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. They also have different brand new vehicles for sale.


The Dazzle manufactured vehicles are available in almost all parts of the world. Due to its quality and standard these vehicles had gained a better popularity in short time.

They are previously available in the Middle-East, African countries, European countries and Asian countries. Now, the status of this automotive company has changed and reached a better level. Thus it has a more regional reach.The main reason for the acceptance of the Dazzle across the world is because it provides the vehicles more customized.

It has both left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles. The ambulances or armored vehicles may be used in different ways in different countries. The external features and sometimes even the internal features also differ in different countries. In such cases, the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are the best option for many people.


There are converted kind of vehicles and yet to convert vehicles with Dazzle. The customer is free to select from the converted vehicles or can choose the vehicle to convert. The chosen vehicle can be converted according to their needs. There are three types of ambulances; they can be type-1, 2 or 3.

The ambulances are again classified on the basis of their functions like advanced life support ambulances, basic and standard ambulances. As each ambulance performs differently, so are its specifications. The Dazzle understands it in a better way and meets the automotive needs of the customers in a better way.

Similarly, in case of armored vehicle manufacturers the purpose will be different. Sometimes, the armoring should be given in such a way that the viewer cannot make out it. In other cases, it may be done for military vehicles or any security vehicles. As the purpose varies, the conversion of the vehicle also varies. The Dazzle automotive company in UAE is the best vehicle conversion team to make your dream vehicle.

Thursday 16 January 2020


The Tapco roofing company mainly deals with the Aquaizol roofing shingles brands. They are one of the popular and best roof shingles preferred in Kerala. There are many rapid growing urban areas in Kerala. According to a recent world economic study, the Malappuram is the rapid growing urban area in the world. Thus we can make out that, so are its needs. The Tapco will definitely keep up with the increasing needs of the people. Formerly, there were different roof tiles like ceramic roof tiles or clay roof tiles highly preferred here. But the things got changed with the changes in concepts. There are an increased number of users of roof shingles in Malappuram.

The Aquaizol roof shingles are manufactured with advanced technologies. They are the advanced types of roofing materials. Hence became the most chosen roofing solution. Pure raw materials are used for the manufacturing of these shingles. They are quality checked and are standard products. It is easy to install and will be easily installed even in the difficult areas of your roofs. This can suit any architectural designs of houses.


The main reason for the selection of roof shingles is due to its adorable look. When compared to other roofing materials, the roof shingles will look good on the roofs. The people who want to make their house look stunning will usually select the roof shingles. The roof shingles provided by the Tapco are the most used roof shingles in many parts of India. They are good in quality and will get very less damages.

The usual problem with the roof shingles are they have less durability as compared to the ceramic or terracotta roof tiles. But these disadvantages of roof shingles are cleared by the Tapco roofing company. The roof shingles from Tapco are highly durable and meet good quality. Hence this will be an asset to your home. These advantages of the roof shingles made the Tapco to become the best roof shingles in Thrissur.

Tuesday 14 January 2020


On my travel to Dubai for a business purpose, I came to know about the microstay hotels inDubai. It was really surprising for me to know that it is benefitting both the customer and hotelier at a time. It was first introduced by the company Stayhopper. They have an easy to use and convenient app for this service.

I was not very much aware about this before I took an accommodation in an hourly based hotel rooms in Dubai. I found it to be very convenient for business travelers. I even wondered how it is going to help the hoteliers.


The concept of microstay is so simple. When you stay for few hours, then you pay only for that. The business travelers usually will have to stay only for few hours in a hotel. They may need some time to rest or to refresh or relax. These kinds of travelers will usually stay for few hours and will go back. In such cases, 

The Stayhopper is giving a change from the conventional practices of hotel booking in UAE. It is giving the opportunity to stay for minimum of 3 hours in a hotel. You can also extend this as per your needs.

The Stayhopper microstays are giving better flexible options to their customers. It is aimed at making your hotel stay in Dubai to be more comfortable and delightful. The customers can choose their favorite hotel.

The Stayhopper microstay offers hotel rooms at different locations in UAE. You can also choose the hotels based on their amenities and offers. Your selection of hotel can be done from many options and thus you can search for the best hotels in Dubai. It allows the customers to select their check-in and check-out times. They can decide the number of hours they stay in the hotel according to their needs. Thus, the Stayhopper has become the best hotel booking app in Dubai. 


It is definitely a big gain for the hoteliers as they can rent their hotel rooms for more than once in a day. This will allow the hoteliers to have a better financial benefit. Their hotels will also get a better exposure with the Stayhoppers. As it is also a gain for the customers, more number of people are also attracted to the hourly hotel stays. 

They can also list the features of their hotels and can update it accordingly. This will let your hotels more attractive to the customers. After all, this can help you in improving your hotel’s reviews and ratings.

Wednesday 1 January 2020


The Narmada Homestay, which is located near to Angadipuram is the best homestay inPerinthalmanna. It is composed of 5 villas namely Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Sindhu and Krishna. Each one of them is present with all facilities to meet the needs of the customers. It is located at a beautiful area around the greenery of the environment. You feel like a paradise at the Narmada Homestay.


The homestay is provided with all the necessary facilities required for the customers. It has 24 hours help desk for helping the customers. All the five villas have air conditioned rooms, well furnished rooms and kitchen, self-cooking facilities, fully automatic washing machines, small stationary store, doctor on call and travel facilities. This will be a place just like your home; you will feel the comfort of your home and will enjoy the vacation.

As the Narmada homestay is a combination of five villas they are spacious enough to accommodate large families or more number of friends. It could be a best option for those who enjoy the beauty and peace of nature. It will be definitely a perfect destination to spend your time.


The Narmada homestay is perfectly designed in such a way that it will fit for small celebrations. Some celebrations like birthday parties, New Year parties, small engagement functions and wedding photography can be performed here. It is beautifully designed for the purpose of photography inspired by the nature.

The Narmada homestay provides excellent features and outdoor surroundings to celebrate these kinds of functions. The perfect atmosphere for these kinds of celebrations made it to become one of the best homestays in Malappuram.


There are a large number of attractions near to the Narmada homestay. The Narmada homestay is located near to many tourist attractions like historic monuments, pilgrim spots and many natural attractions. It is very near to the famous Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy temple at Angadippuram. The people visiting this temple can easily reach Narmada homestay and have a comfortable stay.

Another attraction like Poonthanam illam, Flora fantasy, Kodikuthimala, different farm visits, fish farm visits, wildlife visits, trekking, river baths and many other natural attractions are there nearby the Narmada homestays. You can choose your kind of attraction with the Narmada homestays. The staffs here provides excellent services and many activities can be planned here with your prior request.