Friday 31 January 2020


Once or twice in a year, we go for a family trip. I belong to a large family. We arrange occasional family trips to various places. The whole family includes more than 30 members. This time for the Christmas and New Year celebration we chose Malabar as our destination. After choosing the destination we usually search for the places to stay. This time in the search we got Narmada homestay near Perinthalmanna. The Narmada homestay was the best ever staying option we had made. There is a lot to say about this resort in Malappuram.


There are a lot to visit here. The place is blessed with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It has a lot of mountains and hilly areas. There are a number small rivers and streams running through this. The Kodikuthimala is one of the best hill points in Malappuram. People visiting here won’t miss a visit to this point. Another one is the Kottakkunnu near to the Malappuram town. There are much more less known areas to visit here.

The historical monuments are other attractions of the Malabar. The famous Poonthanam Illam is located just few kilometers away from the Perinthalmanna town. Another one is the Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy temple. Likewise, there are many ancient architectural creations here. These are the worth watching places in Malabar.

There many beautiful dams like Malampuzha dam, Kanjeerappuzha dam and many small dams near to this area. The rivers and other water bodies are the other excitements of Malabar. The Narmada homestays were giving perfect guidance about the places to visit in Malabar. They are even providing travel facilities to their customers.


Here is the reason why I would like to say more about the Narmada homestay and it is the best. The Narmada homestay provides all the necessary facilities that are required for a comfortable living. It is composed of five villas namely – Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Sindhu and Krishna. All the five are well furnished and are hygienically maintained. These villas have the facilities for self-cooking, which was very useful to us since we were in many numbers. Another important thing is the availability of automatic washing machines that was a necessary since there were many children.

This is located at a beautiful place very near to the Angadippuram.  The Panchakarma treatment of the Narmada homestay is said to be very effective by the customers. The exterior part of this homestay is well kept with garden and with places to relax. It also has sufficient places for outdoor games and also has relaxing places. All these things make the Narmada homestay a best place to stay in Angadippuram. Thus it is most chosen by many people when they go for rooms near the Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy temple. 

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