Thursday 13 February 2020


Armoring of vehicles had become an essential part of life. The major problem that the people are facing is the heaviness of the vehicle. There will be usually an increased in the weight of the vehicle. At times, it had become difficult to manage. This is the major reason why most of the people go for lightweight armoring

It was difficult to find a perfect vehicle converting company for armoring the vehicles. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company is manufacturing lightweight armored vehicles. While choosing an armored vehicle, people started to choose lightweight vehicles. The recent statistics of armored vehicles show the preference of lightweight armoring.


It is the lightweight protection system which adds the least possible weight to the vehicle for giving protection. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are creating the best kind of add-on armoring for vehicles. This is especially used in cases of military vehicles as they had to perform in difficult situations. 

The Dazzle is the best-armored manufacturing company in Dubai that is able to provide maximum protection to the vehicles. You get your private vehicles with more customized kinds of armoring or you can select a suitable kind of armored vehicle from the Dazzle. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company has different kinds of lightweight armored vehicles for sale.


The weight of the armored vehicle is mainly increased due to the weight of the materials used for vehicle manufacturing. The Dazzle is using only high-quality lightweight materials for armoring. Thus, it will help in reducing the weight up to 80 % of the traditional kind of armor. Thus it is a preferred kind of armoring by the people of UAE. 

There are several different materials used for armor. It mainly includes premium bulletproof glasses, lightweight composite armor, ballistic nylon, ballistic fiberglass, Lexan, run-flat inserts and much more. The glasses used are suitable for multi-hit protection. These glasses have superior optical quality and are with minimal distortion.  Moreover, they have unprecedented UV protection and have delamination resistance.

For opaque armoring, polyethylene armoring is lightweight and offers superior protection. These kinds of shields had proven to be stronger than the traditional steel armoring. The Dazzle is incorporating only the best and lightweight armoring available in the market.

Opaque armoring is also done by using ballistic nylon. It is densely piled and woven to provide high-grade protection. The Dazzle is producing B6 armored vehicles that offer a higher level of armor. The major peculiarity of the Dazzle is it will closely resemble the original look of the vehicle.

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