Wednesday 29 April 2020


Learning without understanding will not benefit you in the long run. A clear learning or understanding learning will gain you in your exams and also improve your skills. The Ahaguru online learning app will be perfect for this. With the help of an experienced teaching team, the classes are aimed to improve the students. Other than just passing or performing good in the school level exams, they are molded to benefit their future. They are given classes in such a way that it will benefit the coming competitive exams also.


The questions through the Ahaguru app are carefully designed by experts. These are created mainly by concentrating on the asked questions in exams. They are created in a high difficult form and the solutions will be explained in an easier way. Working out with such questions will enable the students to improve their quality of learning. They will be able to solve even difficult problems easily. Due to this, the Ahaguru is chosen by many students and it is the leading online learning app in Chennai.

While designing or preparing questions, we prepare in such a way that they will strengthen your learning. You will have a deeper understanding and will be able to solve any problems. This is done in a highly improved manner in the Ahaguru online learning app as compared to other apps.


Through the videos, the problems are carefully explained. They are explained in a simple form to make the students easily understanding. Different patterns, colors, and multimedia solutions are also used to make clear topics. These techniques are used not only to solve problems but also in explaining different topics. Attending these online classes of video solutions will help to reinforce your concepts. Students preparing for IIT JEE and NEET exams will be definitely benefited from the Ahaguru online learning app.

The major advantage of video solutions is you can view it many times if needed. With the Ahaguru app, you can understand the topic through the videos or by asking doubts. A mentor will give answers and clear you regarding your doubts. This can be done with the help of personal chats. Thus the students can clear their doubts with less stress and difficulty. These are also given as video examples. With the Ahaguru app, you can learn at your favorable time and at your convenient place. Learning in your way is made possible.

Monday 27 April 2020


Do you find learning Physics, Maths, and Chemistry to be difficult? You will find it difficult if you don’t have good clarity about it. Improving problem-solving skills can help you to deal with many subjects. This is especially important in science and math subjects. The Ahaguru online classes providing app is specially designed to make the topics clear to the students easily. Different teaching techniques are used by Ahaguru to help their students.


The Ahaguru had developed unique and easy techniques for teaching. These are developed by the expert professors of the team Ahaguru. This will help to make the problem solving easy for the students. Thus it can enable the students to solve even easy problems mentally. These are developed on the fact that understanding learning will make your to remember the topic for long.

These kinds of techniques developed by the Ahaguru had helped many students. And there are a large number of achievers with Ahaguru. There is an increased number of achievers with the Ahaguru online learning app when compared to other onlinelearning apps in India. Due to this, there is a steady rise in the number of students using the Ahaguru app. There are also different teaching techniques developed by professionals to beat competitive exams. With this app, you can learn for the IIT JEE and NEET exams.


The Ahaguru offers you video classes related to different topics in your subjects. They are also giving problem-solving videos so that you can learn to solve the problems easily. The advantage of video classes is you can learn whenever you want and you can revise with the videos again. This has proved to be a convenient option among students.
Through the video classes from the Ahaguru app, you can strengthen the fundamentals and concepts while learning. Also, you can learn innovative ideas to solve problems. Other than the online classes direct classes are also given by the Ahaguru. All these facilities made it very popular among the students in Chennai and it is the best app for online classes in Chennai.


While learning your physics, maths, and chemistry from Ahaguru, other than giving good concept clarity we help you to know your progress. We are conducting different revision tests online to help you to improve. Smart practice questions and video solutions are given to improve your skills and confidence. There are also options for you to clear your doubts. The Ahaguru will help you to know your progress through a detailed report.

Friday 24 April 2020


Other than just learning, facing competitive exams is different. Each type of competitive exam has its own style. Thus the point of learning will also be different. The Ahaguru online learning app is perfectly suitable for you to learn. We truly help you in the way you want for that particular competitive exam. From Ahaguru you can get online classes for IIT JEE and NEET. The excellence in services had made it a leading name in giving online classes. You can get to know more about the Ahaguru from the student achievers. Bringing interest in learning is the primary thing that we do for you. Learning will not be boring or a difficult task when you are with the Ahaguru.

Classes are also available for the school students. We mold our students in such a way to prepare for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET. Students are given good guidance and teaching. We assure you that each student is getting clear about the topic. Moreover, we use various techniques in teaching and problem-solving. Giving the best topic clarity is the attractive point of Ahaguru to many students. We aim at developing the problem-solving skill of our students. This will be helpful to them in their schools and then in the competitive exams. The Ahaguru will be your best partner in learning.


The Ahaguru is giving a physics crash course for IIT JEE students. These classes are given by skilled and experienced teachers. The IIT toppers like Dr. BalajiSampath are our expert teachers. This will be helpful as learning from the toppers in competitive exams is always different. You can get motivation and influence from them in your studies, which will definitely help you to get through the exams. The Ahaguru is a leading app in online classes in India. We give both live and direct classroom programs for our students.

The physics is a major part of the IIT and JEE exams. For most of the students, understanding the concepts and derivation had been difficult in physics. The teachers of Ahaguru are in this field for years are well versed in making clear of the topic. Easy techniques for understanding are used. This totally changes the way you look at the science subjects and you feel learning interesting. The problem solving is also done through the video samples. Thus it will be helping the students to have deep and clear learning.

Saturday 18 April 2020


Most of us are tired of sitting at home trying many things. Many are experiencing an ultimate boredom during this lockdown season. We might have even planned and chosen a destination to travel after this season. Due to the existing financial crisis, we always go for cheaper prices in everything we want. Thus people chose to travel by bus. Bus travel is cheaper when compared to other kinds of transport. The zetoBus bus ticket booking app is making this travel even more budget-friendly to their customers. Thus the zetoBus is the best traveling buddy and a leading bus ticket booking app in India.


With the help of zetoBus you can book bus tickets prior to your travel. The zetoBus busticket booking platform is open for you to book bus tickets to anywhere in India. Through the zetoBus you can book bus tickets even months before your travel. It could be to any destination or any bus.
Booking your bus tickets early will help you to have a ticket assurance. After this, you can further plan your trip and pack or arrange your things. When you have assured bus tickets for your journey you can stay happy and stress-free. It is also possible to have last time bus ticket booking through the zetoBus.


The zetoBus the bus booking platform is very reliable to the customers in all the aspects of bus ticket booking. Especially during this time of lockdown with the COVID-19 pandemic, this proved to be very helpful. We might have postponed our leisure travel or business travel due to this lockdown. After this time it may be difficult to travel by bus as there will be a rush or you may not get tickets to travel to your native places. This will result in waiting for more time and you will feel stressed.
Moreover, with the help of zetoBus, your choice of the bus is made easy. There are a number of buses with different levels of comfort available with the zetoBus app. It is very convenient for you to buy tickets from any place. Thus this online bus ticket booking app in India is providing convenience on the go. This will also help in reducing the travel cost by giving discounts and offers on your bus tickets. Thus it could be the cheapest and safest why for traveling by booking bus tickets through zetoBus.

Monday 13 April 2020


The hot summer is approaching and people are searching for ideas to get rid of the excess heat. One of the important and cost-effective ways to fight the excess heat is by installing ceramic roof tiles on your roofs. Just by keeping ceramic roof tiles may not benefit you. The cool roof tile collections from the Tapco roof tiles will be the best ceramic roof tile in Chennai. Moreover, the ceramic roof tiles from the Tapco roofing are one of the most preferred roof tiles in Kerala. To know the benefits of the ceramic roof tiles from the Tapco roof tile brand continue reading.


With the increased financial crisis in India and most other countries, people are going for cost-effective solutions in every field. This is the same in case of roof tile installation also. Don’t wonder how it could be cost-effective. It is true that the Tapco ceramic roof tiles are available at budget-friendly prices in India. Moreover, they can truly be a money-saving one as it will decrease the use of electricity during the summer season. Especially at high temperatures, we go for using electric fans, coolers or air conditioning to cope up with the heat. This will result in spending more on electricity.

The usage of Tapco’s ceramic roof tiles will make your home cooler. It will permit only less heat to enter inside and helps in keeping it cooler when compared to other roofing materials. Thus reducing the expense of electricity and will be friendly to your pockets. Due to this, the Tapco roof tiles had become one of the most suitable roof tiles for Indian houses.


There are a number of roof tile brands in India. Many of them provide cooling property, but most of them fail to give long-lasting property. The Tapco roof tiles appear to be the best as it is both cool and long-lasting. Most of the roof tiles and other roofing materials from the Tapco are foreign made. All of these are created under advanced technologies with pure raw materials. These are created in such a way to meet the international quality standards. Thus these roof tiles are long-lasting and will create a lasting impression on the viewers if you have Tapco roof tiles on your roof.


When you have the Tapco roof tiles on your roofs, you are free from worries regarding its maintenance. This is because the Tapco tiles on your roof will require only less maintenance. Moreover, you will not have to stress in getting affected by fungus or algae. This had actually created the Tapco roof tiles as the best roof tiles in Thrissur. Thus Tapco tiles are making you cool inside and outside your body.