Thursday 19 May 2016

How To write attractive and effective blog posts?

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As we know blogging is an important step to grow our business, it is also necessary to know how to create a blog post and how artistic or effective it should be. For the beginners choosing an interesting topic and planning will help a lot, as the planning will help in developing good blogging habits with saving time.

For writing a blog it is not necessary to know everything about that particular topic and sometimes the beginners will have least knowledge about the relied topic but it should have reference from certain authoritative sources in order to get solid information. It is better to refer more number of authoritative sources for a single subject because nobody is right all the time. Blog helps your website to get reputation and getting business through online. each and every digital marketing companies doing blogging service to get more customers and reputation through Internet. If you have web design service then you should make a blog and must be engaged with blogging service that will help you to get more customers.

However we learn and whatever we follow each blogger will have some different style to some extent. Even though there are some ideas which a blogger should keep in mind while writing contents. First we should keep in mind is that, it is a thoughtful process about shaping words and ideas in a post which will approach the readers like going on a journey.

It is better to make your blog more readable as people often go through it and will not spend more time on reading it fully. Some of the ideas includes are:

- Lists- posts with point lists is preferred than posts written of an essay style.

- Formatting- consider changing font size, color and style to make readers more interesting.

- Headings and subheadings- it helps in providing a general idea and provides information about what is given inside without reading it fully.

- Pictures- Many researches have shown that human brain is more drawn towards pictures than towards words. Thus it adding pictures makes it attractive for the readers. Images have the power to make complex topics to more easily understandable topics.

- Highlight your points- always keep in mind not to bury important points as it is not likely to be unnoticed by readers. Borders and Block quotes can be used.

- Editing- editing a blog post is harder than writing a blog post. It is not about only fixing the grammatical errors and arranging the sentence. It is also important to avoid repetition and is better to read aloud the post to check the flow and ask someone else to read your post. 

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Also keep in mind that we should not introduce too many new ideas in a single post because an average person can comprehend only 60% of what they read at a time. It may be boring and it cannot be a scannable blog for the readers and thus it may result it losing readers for the successive posts. 

Thus it is better to give successive posts which are related to each other one by one. And is better to be succinct with your points which will be easy to read, recollect, restore and reproduce when needed. 

A strong opinion of considered experts in Search EngineOptimization is that both extremely short and extremely long web pages are not ranked as highly as web pages of reasonable length. It seems the word limit is that, it is better to be above 250 words and better not to exceed more than 1000 words. It is better to have a comprehensive coverage of the selected topic.

However, it is recommended that getting as much as work done in one session is much better than doing it in different sessions as it makes easier to stay focused on the particular topic and it minimizes the risk of forgetting the crucial points. 


Thursday 12 May 2016

How to connect with local customers via social media?

Local marketing can be improved by having a focus at social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Before that we should focus on certain features by which social media gives support on local marketing.

Facebook is the most widely used social media and it has more than 1.4 billion active users around the world. But only a few will be in need of our particular business. Promoting Facebook check-ins will be a great idea to promote the business to the local audience. 

Boosting your post will help a lot as Facebook has added certain targeting tools to boosted posts. It is better to target a list of local people to make sure they see your important posts. Another idea includes posting an update to your business page, and then it can be shared as yourself. This will gives you a wider number of audiences.

Another is promoting social events, thus everyone invited to particular event will be able see it in their notifications. Also try to focus on people who live near you and work near you, which will improve the local business. Targeting Facebook ads to a local community is also a better way.

Twitter may not be a social media like Facebook, but it can be valuable for local marketing. The twitter profile provides many opportunities in this field as we can include a recognizable landmark in your header photo, listing your city in the location field, and many such ways. Twitter lists help you to create a particular group of interesting people and businesses on a particular topic. It would not help if you are not properly listing. We can use tools like Hoot suite or Tweet Deck to pull lists into columns and it will help us to improve the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter. 

Social media helps you to increase your website visibility on search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and Bing etc. more over you have a good website to get better impression so first you must know how to make your website creative and professional or you can search on Google for a best web design company. both web design and digital marketing service will help you to increase your business through online.

The Twitters advanced search can be used in a good way to find a better improvement in your local business. Suppose if you are searching for something particular for your business, it will be better if you are searching for it within 15 miles of your business and then on the results page click on the accounts tab and follow the active users and add them to your local yarn heads lists and engage them by proper communication. In Twitter, Twitter ads also help to connect with local customers.

LinkedIn, which is a business - focused social media helps in finding local people a snap. The information you find here will be accurate because the addresses will be of companies and the people are also encouraged to be in their real identity. We also save our searches and have LinkedIn send you weekly updates for any new people who all will match your category. It will be like sending a list of local leads to you weekly.

Instagram helps to showcase your business in a visual platform, thus for companies with a strong visual brand Instagram can be great option. Instagram profiles have good local branding options. It helps you target ads based on geography or lists that you upload to your Facebook Ads manager. 

The hash tags in Instagram will helps to find out what is going on locally and you can also promote your own posts also in to it.
Thus these social medias will contribute a much more better role in the field of local business and marketing through several ways and also for several purposes across your targeted local areas. 

Dr Sithara - SEO Engineer 

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Modern website design

Website design is not just a service but also it is an art. It makes creative and professional with creative artist. While designing a website certain elements, when incorporated carefully can make the website a friendlier website, it will make the website more understandable and explains about the company more interestingly. In order to bring about such websites certain techniques are important such as creating a unique and large type of topography which is attractive to the readers. It is also important that while selecting a font, its acceptability across browsers and computers must be assured otherwise it is not of much use for the company.

It is a well known fact that images can give a lot more ideas about a particular device and  images can be recalled more easily and quickly than words, it will also make the content more interesting and make you to scroll down to have a look at the upcoming contents. These images are often placed in the background with text and other content over lied on top. In spite of the details given, large images can tell your story better. And it should be ensured that the images are responsive images, otherwise some people may miss this.

Similarly is the role of videos, videos when played automatically in the background can add a lot to the website. The advantage is that it will significantly reduce the amount of other contents that are required and tells the story more interestingly and improves the business. It provides the reader some sorts of understanding about the company without having a look at any text. The videos can be processed by the brain a much more times faster than the texts. Another advantage is that nowadays most of the people hesitate to read large texts, in such cases they will easy go through the videos.

Semi flat designs are another great improvement in this field. As it can be loaded quickly and more easily than the other designs. Initially it was started by apple and now it is an accepted design. It will give life to the website and thus it become more convenient for the user.

A major disadvantage is that a website will usually have a long menu of options, which generally take up on a large space in the valuable screen space. A hidden or hamburger menu can help solve this problem which makes the reader to choose the options whatever is required with a complete satisfaction of the company.

Large product images through the websites will help the designers to highlight the various features of a product or service a better and more effective way. This helps the readers to get better ideas about the features through the images than through the words.

Card designs are becoming more and more popular, attractive and interesting. It is accepted part of website designing.

Short videos or featured videos will also do a lot as it gives a better idea about the product or service in a short time without spending a lot of time watching videos. Several verities of ideas constitute the modern method of website designing and the ideas are ever.

John Muller