Thursday 23 February 2023

Top Reasons to Make Narmada Homestay Your Holiday Destination

Nestled in the lap of Perinthalmanna in Malappuram, Narmada Homestay is a perfect holiday destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing getaway. This beautiful homestay in Malappuram offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional hospitality, making it a top choice for travelers. Here are the top reasons why you should make Narmada Homestay your next holiday destination:

Serene Location

Narmada Homestay is located in the tranquil surroundings of Malappuram. The property is surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, and cascading waterfalls, offering a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Authentic Experience

Narmada Homestay offers an authentic experience of living in a traditional Indian home. Guests can enjoy local cuisine, learn about local customs and traditions, and even participate in cultural activities organized by the hosts.

Modern Amenities

Narmada Homestay is one of the luxurious, yet affordable resorts in Perinthalmanna, Kerala. This homestay offers a wide range of rooms to choose from with all modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and 24-hour room service. The homestay also has an outdoor swimming pool perfect for cooling off in the scorching summers as well as a large garden for relaxation. Guests can also enjoy delicious cuisines from the multi-cuisine restaurant. Narmada Homestay is just a few kilometers away from the major tourist attractions of Perinthalmanna like parks and monuments making it an ideal stay option for vacationers and visitors alike.

Adventure Activities

For adventure enthusiasts, Narmada Homestay offers a plethora of activities such as elephant riding, camping, fish spa, boating, and rock climbing. The property is situated near popular tourist attractions such as Mini Ooty, Adyampara Waterfalls and Palur Kotta, where guests can enjoy boat rides and explore the magnificent waterfalls.

Sustainable Tourism

Narmada Homestay is committed to sustainable tourism practices. The property is built using eco-friendly materials and employs local staff to promote community development. The hosts also encourage guests to participate in responsible tourism activities such as tree planting, waste management, and conservation of natural resources.

When it comes to finding affordable homestays in Malappuram, Narmada Homestay is the perfect solution. They offer a unique holiday experience that combines traditional hospitality, modern amenities, and adventure activities. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an action-packed adventure, this homestay is a perfect choice. So, if you are planning your next holiday, make sure to add Narmada Homestay to your list

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