Thursday 3 November 2022

Supported Independent Living


Living alone can be a challenge to people with disabilities. We work together to create an independent space for people who face difficulties. As the top NIDSproviders in Melbourne, our accommodation services are the best in the field. Pulse4life ensures that our clients are comfortable in their homes by availing our supported independent living accommodation services.

What we offer:

The programme is tailored according to the needs of different people. Our clients have different requirements. Thus our facilities are tailored according to their demand. We create a proper sustainable space for clients by collaborating with them and their families. We provide flexible support which has the advantage of easier shifting to new places. It will be easier to shift the facilities to a different place if the client wishes to relocate.

Enhancing the living quality of our clients is our aim. Everyone likes to live independently. Depending on others to carry out our needs is burdensome. But not always are they blessed with the opportunity to live comfortably in their homes. We strive to give them the satisfaction of leading self-sufficient lives. We are the foremost disability organisations in Melbourne.

Living comfortably in our own home is the basic requirement of people. We provide all the facilities for daily tasks such as personal care, cooking food and so on. Our trained and expert staff provides assistance for just housing requirements as well as for many other activities such as participating in social activities and day to day activities. Along with providing all such assistance, we also look forward to building the skills of our clients. Providing the best domesticcare in Melbourne, we ensure that the house is the most comfortable space for clients.

Attaining independence is the main focus factor of Supported Independent Living. It can be achieved in household activities mentioned above. It can also include budgeting support and household management. Another service that we offer our clients is the overnight services. Gardening and carrying out laundry chores can also be done independently through our services.

We provide our clients with funding. The amount of funds entirely depends upon the support level they require to live in their homes. The clients can opt to live alone or as a team. If the clients choose to live with other people, they can create meaningful connections. This will, in turn, help in building social relationships. We are the top providers of personal care in Victoria.

The disability faced by people differs. Some clients have intellectual disability while the others have physical disabilities. It does not matter whatever the disabilities are, we offer the exact solution to overcome those. Our support coordinators are ready to help our clients during difficult times.


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