Wednesday 1 June 2022

Suitable Tiles for your Biophilic Home Designs


When it comes to home designs, most of us want to be modern. But we always try to bring nature friendly materials in touch with our home. This may include different things like furniture, d├ęcor, tiles and other construction materials. Having natural building materials for your projects will improve your home’s eco-credentials. Moreover, it will help in creating a healthy environment. Choosing nature friendly tiles will be a great idea. Tapco is the leading clay tile manufacturer and dealer in Kerala. You can get best quality roof tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and jaalis from Tapco. With varieties of tile collection, Tapco is the best tile brand in India to deliver eco-friendly products. 

There are multiple reasons for making nature friendly materials as a priority. Natural building materials on the whole have less embodied carbon and only less embodied energy are used in their production. They will ensure indoor air quality because they are less likely to emit toxic VOCs than non-natural things. At the end of their life, they are bio-degradable and will not cause harm to the Mother Nature. Moreover, they are more likely to be recyclable or re-usable. You can use natural materials for internal and external finishes that will help you to foster a connection to nature. This can bring your several health benefits which includes good mental health also. This is a key principle of biophilic designs for houses.

Eco-friendly Roof Tiles from Tapco

From the house of Tapco you can get eco-friendly roof tiles made of different materials. Ceramic roof tiles are a most chosen kind of roof tiles. They are having cooling properties and its beautiful look had made it popular. Tapco is manufacturing these roof tiles from pure white clay. They are available in different sizes and colors. Choosing ceramic roof tiles will add a part of nature on your roofs. Tapco is the best ceramic rooftile manufacturer in India to deliver roof tiles all across India.

Terracotta roof tiles are another popular kind of roof tiles which can give you the feeling of living close to nature. Other than roof tiles; wall tiles, floor tiles and jaalis are also made with terracotta clay. The terracotta tiles are attractive with their natural color and finishes. Tapco is manufacturing terracotta tiles with pure terracotta clay under advanced technologies. Thus enabling you to enjoy all the natural benefits of terracotta clay through the terracotta tiles.

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