Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Manufacturing and Converting Emergency Vehicles


The manufacturing and converting of the emergency vehicles must be done with ultimate care. This is because they are expected to deal with patients with emergency or non-emergency cases. Thus the ambulances or the emergency vehicles must be created in consideration with the purpose of use. The ambulance conversion is done based on the expected degree of emergencies that they are expected to deal with. The safety and vehicle capacity must also be modified accordingly. The Dazzle is the leading emergency vehicle manufacturer in UAE.

Based on the facilities provided in the ambulances to act in different situations they are mainly classified into three:

  • -       Advance life support ambulances
  • -       Basic life support ambulances
  • -       Standard life support ambulances

They are also classified as type 1, type 2 and type 3 ambulances. The types and facilities of emergency vehicles also differ with the vehicle chassis used for their manufacturing. The Dazzle is a leading ambulance manufacturing company in Ethiopia to develop different types of ambulances out of different vehicle chassis. Even the chassis is a used vehicle is converted into a best ambulance by the efficient team of Dazzle.

Improving Vehicle Safety

The safety of the emergency vehicles is very important as they have to function in several emergency and danger situations. Moreover, if the ambulance is dealing with an emergency case, it has to be moved at high speed. Thus the risk of accident is also more and safety of the ambulance must be ensured. For example, having a road accident on the way to the hospital can worsen the condition of the patient. Thus the safety of the ambulance must be assured for a perfect functioning.

Improving Vehicle Capacity

The vehicle capacity must be increased if you are using a vehicle chassis with less capacity. For an ambulance, especially for advance life support ambulances, the capacity of the vehicle must be increased. This must be done to incorporate different kinds of medical equipment and other facilities like seating in the ambulances. The overall weight of the vehicle will increase after this addition of the necessary things. The Dazzle is the best automobile conversion company in Africa to provide quality vehicle conversions.

Improving Vehicle Performance

The emergency vehicles are usually expected to work in emergency and rescue operations. Thus the overall performance of the vehicle must be increased. The emergency vehicles are converted into 4 wheel drive vehicles. This is essential to perform rescue operations, especially in rural areas with improper roads and facilities.                                    

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