Monday, 13 July 2020


Dazzle is a leading automotive manufacturing company in Ethiopia. They have different categories of vehicles like service vehicles, hospitality vehicles, mobile solutions, and truck chassis, refrigerated vehicles, armored or security vehicles, and brand new cars. Dazzle is also giving importance to perform the services professionally and efficiently. They are ensuring that your vehicle unit will be a systematized masterpiece to carry out your preferred services. Hence, Dazzle is a leading automotive manufacturing company in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.


Different people will have different requirements. At Dazzle, the vehicle manufacturing team will concentrate on gathering information and monitoring to formalize your needs. Designing and manufacturing are done with a clear understanding of the customer’s needs. Proper customization is done with the vehicles to meet your purpose.

For example, you are choosing to have a mobile purpose vehicle for providing pet grooming services. Here it is essential for you to have a fully equipped and functional vehicle for performing this service. Moreover, at Dazzle they ensure the client’s comfort and the comfort of employees to perform their duty. Similarly, while we are choosing ambulances or other service vehicles, the need differs. For this, there are different levels of vehicle manufacturing for Dazzle. In short, Dazzle will be your best partner when you are going for a customized vehicle in Ethiopia.


While converting the vehicles for specific needs,  requires different levels of works. For customization of vehicles, we may need to add additional equipment to it. Using quality products that are highly durable is an important advantage of the Dazzle vehicle Conversion Company in Ethiopia. The interior features and exterior features of the vehicles will be modified based on the need of the client. Moreover, some specific features are added to it. All these works are done at its best by the team Dazzle.

After the vehicle conversion is over, all the parts of the vehicles are safety ensured. The vehicle chassis is also selected based on the requirement and proposed budget of the clients. It is also assured that it is possible to perform the proposed purpose in the best way. Thus they are providing good quality and efficient vehicles for the clients. The Dazzle has become a leading customized vehicle manufacturer in Ethiopia as they are providing the best cost-effective vehicle solutions in the African countries.

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