Monday, 15 June 2020


The service vehicles are those vehicles that are generally used for carrying out different services. They are used to carry patients, people, tools or equipment, work supplies, goods, and any other purposes. The service vehicles are not the vehicles used for private purposes or for doing work. They are built in such a way to perform their suggested work properly.
The vehicles that usually come under the service vehicles are ambulances, fire and rescue units, first responder units, mobile clinics, and mobile hospitals. There also other kinds of service vehicles available in the market. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company one of the leading service vehicle manufacturers in Ethiopia. There are a number of service vehicles that are manufactured by Dazzle which meets the high quality and international standards of the vehicle. As the services of the vehicles differ their construction also differs. Here we can see a few of the service vehicles manufactured by the Dazzle.


Ambulances are actually an important creation in automobiles. There are different types of ambulances that are meant for varied medical conditions. The Dazzle is a leading ambulance manufacturer in Dubai which is developing ambulances in different types like type 1, type 2, and type 3. Moreover, the ambulances are different in their uses like advanced life support ambulances, basic life support ambulances, and standard life support ambulances. Vehicle manufacturing companies will create them based on their needs.

The advanced cardiac life support ambulances are manufactured in such a way to withstand the cardiac situations. It will have all facilities that are needed to support the life of the cardiac patients till they reach the hospitals. Similarly, the manufacturing of ambulances is done in a more customized manner by the Dazzle.


The fire and rescue units must be efficient in performing in emergency situations. These vehicles will usually do their services immediately after a disaster or in hazardous situations. Thus the capacity of these vehicles must be improved to take the weight of the equipment and it must have a facility to hold sufficient manpower. The Dazzle will truly understand these needs and are creating the best fire and rescue vehicles in UAE.


Usually, the truck chassis are used for creating the first responder units. This first responder unit from Dazzle also can function as a rescue truck, a support vehicle, or as a crew transport vehicle.


Sometimes it may not be possible for all to visit the hospitals or clinics by traveling on road. The mobile clinics and hospitals will be very much useful in such situations. 

Moreover, getting medical care with full equipment near you will be the most convenient option for most people. The Dazzle is creating awesome mobile clinic and hospital vehicle solutions for its customers.

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