Thursday, 14 May 2020


With the outbreak of Covid-19 as a pandemic disease, the demand for emergency vehicles has increased all around the world. This demand is seen not only for emergency vehicles but also in other service vehicles. Actually, in most countries, they faced a shortage of medical equipment and emergency vehicles. This mainly occurred due to the increased number of patients affected by this disease in a short period of time. Different data also shows that having efficient emergency vehicles and the medical team has helped many countries to fight the situation. The emergency vehicles from the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers will be helpful as they are of good quality.


Different the situation may require different types of ambulances. There are also different levels of seriousness with Covid-19 affection. If you want to carry a cardiac emergency case, you must need an advanced cardiac support ambulance. This ambulance must have everything to support the life of that person. Similarly, in case of emergency situations, advance life support ambulances are required. When the case is not of emergency the standard life support ambulances or basic life support ambulances are used. The Dazzle ambulance manufacturers in UAE are creating all types of emergency vehicles. Due to this, the Dazzle is a leading ambulance manufacturer in Ethiopia.

During this, the situation of the pandemic, different patients has to be dealt with differently. Some are with much worse symptoms of this disease and others are showing very little or no symptoms. Thus the healthcare professionals have to take care of them differently and their transportation will also be different. Dazzle is the best vehicle dealer in Africa to have many types of ambulances.


The health of all the people must be preserved. It is applicable to both the patients and healthcare professionals. The emergency vehicles from the Dazzle are specially designed in such a way that both the patient and Para-medics are safe. While carrying a case of communicable disease it must not be spread from that person to another. The carrying vehicles must have the ability and space to take care of all the people inside it. They are also given sufficient armoring so as to prevent internal damages to the ambulances. Similarly, the capacity and performance of these vehicles are also improved by the Dazzle. Vehicle transmission is also improved and they are made able to pass through the rural and uneasy roads. This is done with emergency vehicles as the patients may belong to different areas.

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