Thursday 12 March 2020


The roof tiles are a major part of the exterior of our building. It must be good looking and long-lasting. Moreover, the roof tiles must be pocket-friendly. When we are about to do the roofing work of our house, we will compare different roof tile brands. The Tapco roof tiles are one of the cheapest roof tiles in Malappuram. They are available at low prices and are good in quality.


Most of the roof tiles from the Tapco are foreign made. They are imported from countries like Germany, Vietnam, France and more. They are made up of pure natural clay. As they are manufactured under the latest technologies they look uniform and high in standard. All the varieties of roof tiles from Tapco meet international quality standards. The availability of Tapco roof tiles all over India had made it more popular.
The roof tiles from Tapco are available in almost all shades and shapes. The more number of colors will help the customers to find the most suitable one. This will prevent them from spending more money on painting the roof tiles again to match the exteriors. It also has a protective layer which most other roof tiles lack. This layer will prevent the roof from fungal problems and damages. Thus the Tapco roof tiles face only fewer damages as compared to other roof tile brands.


All the roofing materials from Tapco meet its own quality. They are well known for their ability to withstand in all the weather conditions. Hence Tapco is selected by most people as the suitable roof tiles for the roofs of Kerala. The roofing shingles from Tapco are extraordinary beautiful on the roofs. The Tapco roof tiles brands are the dealers of Aquaizol roofing shingles. They are more durable are less prone to damages. These roofing shingles are the best roof shingles in Malappuram.

When it comes to the Tapco’s Terracotta roof tiles, they are made of pure clay. They are manufactured with high quality and are durable. These Terracotta roof tiles on your roof will be definitely looking good. This won’t be a wrong option in terracotta roof tiles. They are also available in different colors and patterns.

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