Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Modern website design

Website design is not just a service but also it is an art. It makes creative and professional with creative artist. While designing a website certain elements, when incorporated carefully can make the website a friendlier website, it will make the website more understandable and explains about the company more interestingly. In order to bring about such websites certain techniques are important such as creating a unique and large type of topography which is attractive to the readers. It is also important that while selecting a font, its acceptability across browsers and computers must be assured otherwise it is not of much use for the company.

It is a well known fact that images can give a lot more ideas about a particular device and  images can be recalled more easily and quickly than words, it will also make the content more interesting and make you to scroll down to have a look at the upcoming contents. These images are often placed in the background with text and other content over lied on top. In spite of the details given, large images can tell your story better. And it should be ensured that the images are responsive images, otherwise some people may miss this.

Similarly is the role of videos, videos when played automatically in the background can add a lot to the website. The advantage is that it will significantly reduce the amount of other contents that are required and tells the story more interestingly and improves the business. It provides the reader some sorts of understanding about the company without having a look at any text. The videos can be processed by the brain a much more times faster than the texts. Another advantage is that nowadays most of the people hesitate to read large texts, in such cases they will easy go through the videos.

Semi flat designs are another great improvement in this field. As it can be loaded quickly and more easily than the other designs. Initially it was started by apple and now it is an accepted design. It will give life to the website and thus it become more convenient for the user.

A major disadvantage is that a website will usually have a long menu of options, which generally take up on a large space in the valuable screen space. A hidden or hamburger menu can help solve this problem which makes the reader to choose the options whatever is required with a complete satisfaction of the company.

Large product images through the websites will help the designers to highlight the various features of a product or service a better and more effective way. This helps the readers to get better ideas about the features through the images than through the words.

Card designs are becoming more and more popular, attractive and interesting. It is accepted part of website designing.

Short videos or featured videos will also do a lot as it gives a better idea about the product or service in a short time without spending a lot of time watching videos. Several verities of ideas constitute the modern method of website designing and the ideas are ever.

John Muller


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