Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What is Accelerated Mobile Page or the short name AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page 

Google has been announced a new feature to enhance mobile speed technique. You may have heard the name AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page lately. But you may not know what the benefit of AMP is. We all know that it is something new for web master tool to encourage our website on mobile.

Yes, Accelerated Mobile Page is an html page that prepared for making fast loading your mobile. Accelerated Mobile Page enhances your mobile rendering speed when we open websites. Google, twitter and other bunch of companies rolled out this feature and it controlling with web master tools. It is an open source file uploading on your web server and checking with web master tools to know your website speed on your mobile. Such as created to increase your website rank better on search engines. So you can find the page Accelerated Mobile Page under search appearance on search console.

Accelerated Mobile Page is the new initiative feature that is an open source file, which is simple and using it without any risk on search console. 

How it works

First you should check web master tools whether the AMP file added or not. You can check it with search console / web master tools. The image has given below mentions that how to use AMP. Open your web master tools and check the button Accelerated Mobile Page under the search appearance.

You can see this page and asking you to get started with AMP. So you can press the blue button to start your session and then you can see Google guideline page that describes how to start your AMP without any risk.

You can read it briefly that how to use your AMP html and how to check your mobile speed with search console.see the code below.

Check your search console and use your website url that how it mentioning on the guidelines.AMP is the subset html file of website. It supports all html files to calculating all content characteristic performance. The main thing is no special specifications needed for AMP html file, it is like a subordinate of army. So  it doesn't use any special configurations for uploading on web server.

Use your web master tools to adding new and initiative Accelerated Mobile Pages to get your mobile speed for instant articles of search engine players like face book, twitter etc. So you will get fast loading web speed on your mobile. 

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