Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How Google Analytic works

Google analytic provides better search results

Google is a big plat form that means it is a multinational organization, which has been developed by the two graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry page. They had met at Stanford University in 1996. They had been worked with a research projects and eventually derived an awesome results that was the gift the name is Google Search Engine. Google is the best search engine in the World.  So we can get all information from Google search engine. 

Google Analytic

Google provides an ultimate tool to search our website status on Internet. This is known as Google analytic. It shows how to works websites and how to increase your website reputation on Google. Google has become the final word for users. Because most of the peoples are concerning Google Search Engine.  We can check how Google has checking our website.

Google has four main components to analyse system. That giving better results to the audience. That is “ data collection, configuration, data processing and reporting. 

Data collection – Data collection is the component for using Google analytic to collect data from websites and mobile apps etc. Such type of data collection search with specific Java script codes that put on websites. Google analytic can handle websites with the help of such type of Java codes.

For mobiles you need to add an extra code to each activity you want to analyse that will track with code. But the thing is mobile is always not connected with Internet. So collection data will not always be sent to the data collection store at the real time. But Google have an option to store the results with a specific device. Google can store this as “hits” and send results when connected with internet.

Processing – Once Google server saved your hits as per your changes then it will move to the next step data processing. This step is known as transformation.

Configuration – Google Analytic can applies your configurations as per your needs, it proceeding by some specific features that filtered your data base as per new settings. Once the data has processed then it will be running with that you inserted and it can’t be changed after.

Reporting – After the steps you read before then Google Analytic access your website data and  will move to analyse your website with crawling reports.

Google Analytic is the ultimate option to checking your website regularly. it provides the proper results than any other tools. So make your website creative and professional. it enhances your website visitors.

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